What are We to Remember?

… were the Israelites supposed to blow the trumpet? For what occasion exactly?… Medieval rabbis have posed this same question. Ibn Ezra, spoke of religious mysteries, Rabbi Abarbanel, a 15th century rabbi and bible commentator asked, Why does the Torah not explain the purpose for this festival? It is indeed an enigma of a feast… Let us consider this mystery…

Divine Vigil for His Own

…The unfortunate thing is that many translators, wanting to emphasize the severity of these upcoming events, used words that depict Yeshua as being so affected by the circumstances, as if to lose control over them, as if He was reconsidering the cross.We are going to investigate how these words were translated but let me begin by assuring you that Yeshua was in complete control of absolutely every event from the Garden to the Tav (cross) and onto His resurrection….