The Children and Youth Ministries form a very important part of Beth Ariel.

From the onset of the pandemic until today, we have continued to provide teaching on a weekly basis, via zoom.

Of course, this has limited the face-to-face fellowship which we cherish but we pray, God willing, to resume full activities soon.

If you are interested in joining the zoom classes for your children aged 5 years old to 12, please send us an email and we will link you up.

Children’s Zoom classes are on Saturday’s at 9:00am and are 25 minutes long. There is interactive discussion and PowerPoint to keep the children engaged.


We are, as well, starting up our children’s program at Beth Ariel on Saturday mornings.

The children partake in the worship upstairs with the adults (which starts at 11:00am) and then would go downstairs for activities/ movie.

Please give us a call or email us if you would like your child to attend.


May the Lord bless your families and keep you united in Him. We know the Lord is sovereign and always ready to help and strengthen us through every situation.

May God protect the first of His created institutions: the family.