When the words End-Time Prophecies are mentioned, what comes to mind? World conflict, economic collapse, famines, wars, fire and brimstone? Yes, all that should, but that is only one short, part of the whole teaching on the future we find in the Scriptures, Yes, we will discuss in depth the final wars, Gog and Magog, Armageddon, and all that is leading us in that direction. But in a bird’s eye view, this Great Tribulation will last no more than three and a half years. After that, we have dozens of passages which speak of a much, much longer period of supreme grace and peace. There will be a time of 1000 years followed by another period of infinite bliss which will never, never, end. This will last for an eternity. And while the Lord would have to punish every sin and every unrepentant individual, the one who knows and accepts Jesus, Yeshua as his personal Savior, will receive His forgiveness, His  mercies which will endure for generation to generation and ultimately for an eternity. Welcome to our series on End-Time Prophecies with Pastor Jacques Isaac Gabizon, as we explore both the woes and the amazing wonders which lie ahead, already foretold by Scripture. Be blessed as you listen in. Shalom