There is controversy out there whether the Bible contains any hidden codes, ways that we can unlock the mysteries of the Word of God. While we agree that numbers in the Bible shed light on God’s revelation to us (ie number 7 represents completion, or rest), we do need to take precaution when considering these more hidden codes in that the openness and revelatory aspect to all becomes limited to perhaps a few “elite” who might seem to uncover and know more…and the intimacy that we can have with God is jeopardized by thinking that there are mysteries we just cannot seem to uncover. What does this all have to do with Knock and Talk? While witnessing at one door, and having a good conversation about the relevancy of Scripture (we were there no less than 4-5 minutes into the conversation) a call from the wife was heard in the distance. Her husband (the gentleman we were witnessing to) took a step back as if to hear her better (we couldn’t hear what she said) but then he turned to us, as if somewhat relieved, and said, “It’s the hospital calling”. Sorry, it’s the hospital calling.”  Both of us immediately understood that this was the passcode between this couple, perhaps a code they often use when confronted with the door salesman syndrome.  It’s the hospital calling was a poor excuse to bring that conversation to an end… but Yeshua was calling that night, with an offer, a passcode that would give men eternal health and well-being.   The gentleman was left with a portion of Isaiah 53 to read. May he not pass up this golden opportunity, one not shrouded in secret codes but an invitation that openly goes out to all… that God so loved all the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that each one may have eternal life in Him through grace by faith. May many pass from death to life, in Yeshua’s name.
August 27th outreach:
There were two teams which out that night and a total of 5 sets were given. The first woman rushed to take the book without much questioning. May she rush to read it as well. At the second door, another woman did not appear to take much interest in the offer, took the set anyways but was then kind enough to point the team to another house, saying, “There is my neighbor, she would probably like it. Go there”.  At the third door, a woman was just about to receive the set when the husband drove up in his car. He came to the door and agreed that the Bible was to be received and accepted into the home. No hospital passcode here. At the fourth door we spoke to a young lady, a student who said she already had many Tanachs. We spoke to her a lot, for no less than 20 minutes, about sin and separation from God, using the story of Adam. We spoke about reconciliation through atoning blood and Leviticus 17:11. In the end she did not take the set but did accept to receive the Isaiah leaflet instead. But what one team member remarked was that how, during this long conversation, the Lord kept putting words into her mind and mouth, precious words to be given to this young lady. We always pray that we bless others with the message of salvation but what a rejoicing it is for us too, in our spirit, when we see how we are used as His instrument of righteousness and how He literally feeds us His words. We are made joyful and clean only because of His presence in us. Another door was opened by a gentleman who was willing to receive it all… bible set, prophecy bookmark and Isaiah leaflet. What prompted him to take it was how the conversation led to the difficulties we are facing today in the world and the obvious march we are taking to the “end times”. Thank you, Lord for Your precious signs that never fail, if only eyes are willing to perceive them.
Sept 4th outreach:
On this evening a total of three sets were given. At the first door, it seemed that the whole family was there; the husband, the wife and their two young children. The husband greeted us with a warm smile which always make our conversations run smoother. He was happy and grateful to receive the set. As we approached the next house it was only after we rang that we saw there was no mezuzah. As we waited there, from the back garden a woman came out asking us what we wanted. We asked her if she read Hebrew and she said yes. This only confirmed for us that not all Jewish homes carry the mezuzah. We shared with her from Micah 5:2 and Isaiah 9:6 concerning the everlasting attribute of the Messiah and His divinity. We spoke about Isaiah 53 and gave her the Bible set as well as a prophecy bookmark. She was surprised to hear what we had to say, but was grateful to receive the materials. At another door, there was a man in his 70’s who asked if he had to take the set. We said ”Absolutely!” 😊  We spoke about the difficult times ahead according to the prophet Daniel and we pointed out that this prophet wrote about two very different possible destinies in our lives… one to contempt and one to everlasting life with God. So much was given, perhaps too much for him and so he refused (for now). At another door, a man gladly received the Isaiah 53 leaflet, refusing the set once he saw the New Testament. At the last door, the housekeeper was willing to take the set for her Jewish employer, who had just gone out for a walk. If this woman needs to keep the house tidy, what better way to start than to bring something that would encourage a clean and tidy heart and mind as well.   We are always thankful to be out there and ask the Lord to bless the Jewish people over the coming few weeks, during their time of festivities and time of Awe. It is Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and Succoth, three very relevant holy feasts of God which point, for us the believer,  to the Rapture, the atonement of Israel and the Messianic Kingdom to come. For the unbelieving Jews, it is a time when many will question their own eternal destiny. We pray that they will seek the Lord to hear what only He has to say concerning their lives and these times. We pray that the Jewish people will see the unrelenting promise of God’s word to protect them and love them. We pray for all men and women, Jew and Gentile alike, that they will understand the truth of His Word and that their names would be written down in the Book of Life. Thank you for your prayers.

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  1. Wow… knock and talk. No matter how many times I read your reports I still find myself in awe about what a brave work you’re doing there in Montreal. The first thing that came to mind when you spoke with the ‘ code” couple..
    to him who has ears let them hear. Or in that case they plug up their ears. The Pastor is right about the ” generations” of people. Nothing really new under the Son… what will they answer in that day? Even from the Torah….yet I will require it from them…oy! Berakot you saints of His! Shalom aleicha b’shem Yeshua…

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