Truth does not need to be complicated… it’s the enemy who makes it that way

We are so excited to be back sharing with you what wonderful encounters God has orchestrated in the last couple of months through Knock and Talk. In terms of counting, we would like to report that 44 Bible sets were distributed since March 5, 2018. Here are some highlights from those weeks.

From Montreal:

After several weeks of icy driveways, cold weather and the flu, we finally got back to the streets again. At one door a woman in her early 40’s with a T-shirt from Israel sporting the Star of David could not believe that we were handing out the Tanach as a gift and with profound thankfulness and tears in her eyes she received the set.  At another door a woman who received the set seemed so thrilled and enamored with the idea of giving out bibles that she asked if she could volunteer and join us on the streets 😊. Here a non-believer was so enthusiastic about bibles being distributed; such readiness of service should be a great incentive even in our own walk.

An elderly woman with a little white dog opened her door and while one of us held her cute little canine, the other offered her the set.  She took her time looking through the pages and listened while we told her of the coming Messiah and how this was foretold in the Tanach.  She was so thankful and took the bookmark to look up the scripture verses. 

At another door, a gentleman and his wife actually invited us into their home.  He wanted to know who we were and what the catch was in giving out this free gift.  We explained that the set was from the Society for the Distribution of Hebrew Scriptures and it was an honor to share the Good News. We told him that we were thankful to the Jewish people (and to the Lord) for safeguarding the Word throughout these past millennia.  He took a bookmark and said that he would contact the pastor at some point and thanked us for coming.

At another door we met a man in his early 40’s who was so positive about receiving and reading the Bible. He admitted to being agnostic but shared that he was opened. He said there must be a soul or spirit since 21 grams from the body disappears when a person dies…. Could that be the soul? While we didn’t answer that one we nevertheless pray that he would ask the 24 karat gold question that leads him to understanding where the soul goes when one dies. We shared about the validity of the scriptures (written by many over many centuries with no contradictions). We told him about Yeshua as Messiah and he said he had heard that name used many times. We pray that he would himself utter the name that is above any name… more precious than gold and sweeter than honey.



Some highlights from Calgary

Over these weeks we have witnessed the efficacy of your prayers through God’s grace, for the work in the Jewish community in Calgary!

A holocaust survivor opened the door for us, saying that she didn’t know why she opened up because she never answers to strangers at night. We responded that it was God’s working! She quickly said, “NO”, that God doesn’t care… if He even exists at all! We thought to ourselves, this is going to be a short encounter, but she stayed with us for at least 20 minutes! We were able to expound on what the promised Messiah Jesus accomplished for His people. To that she mentioned that she didn’t believe God and doesn’t follow the Jewish religion. But to our amazement, she accepted that we read to her from the Tanach, from Isaiah 53:1 to 5.  After listening in silence, we offered her a copy. She refused but then asked who the publishers of this Tanach were. We pointed her to that information and saw that she was happy we weren’t frauds parading around as Jews.  She confided in us concerning her great difficulty in believing in God after all she saw in WWll. Please pray for this holocaust survivor and her husband, that the Holy Spirit would work their hearts so that this couple would come to know their Messiah.

At another door, the Jewish lady who answered said she was cooking, and pointed to the  Mezuzah on her doorpost, saying that meant she was Jewish and was not interested in our offer of Scriptures.

At another door a couple answered and immediately accepted the full set of the Tanach and Brit Chadasha and thanked us for the visit. We were actually caught off guard by their agreeable response, we hardly said anything but recommended the reading of Isaiah 53 speaking about the suffering Servant Messiah. Such diverse reactions teaches us patience and hope with each new person we meet at the door. May we never presume to know the thoughts of their hearts.


Just after, as we were walking towards other Jewish homes we encountered a man walking his dog and were able to start a friendly conversation with him. We then noticed he had the Star of David on his cap! This Jewish man went on explaining how he had been twice married and lost both his wives to cancer. We expressed our condolences and proceeded in offering him the Scriptures. He said he already had a Tanach but was happy to accept the Brit Chadasha. We had an extensive exchange about Yeshua. We brought up the enigmatic question found in Proverbs 30:4 “What is His name and what is the name of His Son- If you know?” We pointed to Isaiah 49: 6 and 7 as revealing that name: “My Servant … I will also make you a light to the nations, to be My Salvation ( Heb. Yeshuah ). We then jumped to Isaiah 53! This man was amazed but found all of this a bit complicated to absorb.  We encouraged him to read these verses again at home and said that in fact it was quite easy to understand! Truth does not need to be complicated. Bless the Lord for this brief but edifying encounter!         


Many more meetings and conversations took place, but there is not enough space in this Knock and talk report to mention them all!


Blessings to all of you who read and pray for the salvation of the Jewish people. Please continue to plead before the throne of grace for more opportunities to meet hungry hearts that are seeking after truth.


  1. Praise God for these wonderful reports. Please pray for me to recover from a sinus and Bronchial infection that I’ve had since Feburary. We want to get back to this precious work.

  2. Praying along with you for God’s precious chosen people that they would not be disheartened by the opposition against them. Many are still affected by the Holocaust and they especially need our love and prayers. So encouraged by your ministry. Greetings to Sharon and Isaac Gabizon – was a privilege to hear you teach at Capernwray Harbour this summer.

  3. Berakot knock and talk! What wonderful faith you have. Every Saturday when I listen live via you tube, the blessed Ruach Hakodesh fills up my living room. …21 grams? hmm…if they search me with all there heart and soul… though I be not far from them…

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