Knock-and-Talk-May 2 2016

This past Monday night, we were one team: Danielle, Sarah and me (Tina). We decided to go back to the same part of town where we had left off last week. It was clear that there would be far fewer mezuzahs than expected since Jewish people have moved on while others have moved in. As usual, we began the evening with the expectation of being a blessing to the Jews. It’s so amazing how every time we need to enter a building, the Lord always provides people who let us in. It was the same again this past Monday. However in the first four buildings we visited, there were either no mezuzahs at all, or refusals, or no one answered.

We were really hoping to give out at least one set. Danielle had told me before that during all those years of Knock and Talk, there was never a single time without giving out at least one set. And so we were encouraged to go and try one more building. It was large and beautiful and when we looked in and the tenant registry seemed promising.

While we were checking the list of names, a car stopped in front and an elderly couple was dropped off. Since it was already late, I asked the lady who opened the door whether she was Jewish. She said, “No, not me, but my husband is”. I then turned to the husband and said, “We have come tonight specifically to bless you with a gift.” Danielle then shared with him concerning her love for the Jewish people. This man looked at us in amazement. I then added that we were actually interested in telling him about the Messiah. Sarah handed him the bookmark and I pointed out all the prophets who foretold the coming of the Messiah. I said that the prophet Jeremiah had promised a New Covenant from the Lord to the Jewish people in chapter 31, and so we offered him the complete set. He mentioned that the New Testament would be for his wife, who happened to be Catholic, but we said that the complete set was really a gift for him. Then he accepted the set!

What a blessing indeed. We were so thankful to the Lord for this one opportunity when we saw an open heart to receive the Scriptures. The Word of God will not return void. We sowed a seed and God will do the rest according to His perfect will and purpose. To Yeshua be all glory, honor, and praise! As we continue to pray for the raising up of more outreach teams, we bring a report from this week’s Monday night Calgary sortie.

A team of three went out, Donald, Valerie and Ariel Canada’s rep, Jackie F. Although finding one area with many mezuzahs has always been a challenge, the Lord led us to a street where over 30% of the homes were Jewish. There were 7 homes where no one answered and another three where the scriptures were refused. One house had a sign, “Beware of Dog”. It was barking even as we approached the neighboring door, so we thought at first to pass it by but Donald said he wanted to go, so we followed. A sweet, older woman in her 80’s answered and was quite happy to receive the set from us. She thanked and blessed us as we left. The dog’s bark became our beacon showing we should not be hindered by apparent obstacles. Someone once said that the road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places. The team here in Calgary has only given out one set in quite a while, so this night proved quite a blessing.

Please pray for the continued outreach in Montreal and Calgary and for those who have thought and prayed about starting up an outreach in their own city.

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