Knock-and-Talk-June 20 2016

Good evening everyone!

As you know, every night of outreach is special for us, but this last Monday (June 20th) was exceptional because it was our last outreach of the season before we resume next fall, after the Jewish feasts. When we started the outreach some 16 years ago, our idea was to do it in the summer, but we quickly discovered that most people were not home during this vacation time period. This leaves us to focus on the months between September and June.

We went back to the building we had started the week before, and had another exceptional night of distribution. God gave us encouragement that will carry us over to the fall season with the handing out of 11 sets. What a going away gift that was! We made up one team on Monday: Danielle, Catherine, and myself (Hugues). So yes! His name must be praised again and again, as it always will be.

We had no difficulties getting into the building, even telling the woman who let us in how cute her children were! We met that same lady later on at her own apartment door and she was happy to take a set saying, “I saw you in the lobby!” In the year 1530 the noun ‘lobby’ described the covered walk of a monastery or cloister. May we see this woman (and her children!) in the walkway to heaven’s gates as we lobby here for God’s jurisprudence to prevail in the corridors of people’s minds and hearts.

At another door, even before we had a chance to knock, we heard a couple arguing very loudly.  When we knocked, they stopped yelling.  The lady opened her door, and with joy and kindness, took the set. We felt privileged to be bringing the peace of the Gospel into that home at that very moment.

At another door, a woman with an Israeli accent refused to open but asked us to leave a set at the foot of the door. When we were leaving, we heard her say to her friend, “They are Jehovah Witnesses.” We pray that next time there will be a foot in the door for another visit.

As is often the case, many people were not home. However, of those who were, quite a few did open their doors. An initial closed door is not always a failure because both Catherine and Danielle are great at talking through the door, inviting people to open up. This reminds us of Yeshua, who not only walked through a locked door but rose through a sealed tomb as well. We know the Word of God can transcend any barrier that opposes the revelation of who Messiah is.

At the end of the hall, we found a door with a big mezuzah and a prayer tagged onto the front panel. A young man, very religiously attired, opened his door. When he saw the New Testament he told me, “Come on, man, I can‘t take that. I’m Jewish.” I asked him if he would agree to the fact that being Jewish means one is from the line of Isaac and Jacob. If he agreed to that, he should also concur that Yeshua and the apostles were Jewish as well. While he did agree with the definition, he said they went against Judaism and he reproached us for offering the New Testament to people who are not educated enough to know the difference.

Then we started a long conversation about Isaiah 9:6, its origins from the Old Testament and that it is talking about a child who would be called Mighty God and Everlasting Father. It was somewhat amusing because the man seemed to be so surprised when I quoted the passages to him in Hebrew. He then replied that there are many interpretations. This opened the door for me to quote several other messianic prophecies; various ones dealing with Messiah being cut off before the destruction of the Temple (Daniel 9:26), born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2), and that his hands and feet would be pierced (Psalm 22:16). Although the man had his own ideas and was somewhat upset, we rejoiced because he was open-minded enough to converse with us.

So that was one of our last doors of the night. We want to thank so many of you who have been praying for all these people and who are supporting us in prayer because as you know, this holds up the strength of any ministry. May the Lord bless you all and use you all summer long and always for His great Kingdom to come. May God give you strong guidance and the firm assurance of His will for you.




  1. Hugues
    It is Very encouraging To read What hapen God Bless You i Mist not To be part physicaly i Hope soon


  2. Reading your report each week makes my heart swell with gratitude to be part of this great family of God. May the Lord fill you with strenght and energy for the next season. Blessings to all…

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