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Floors may not seem so important until you consider threshing-floors…. Jacob’s death was lamented for 7 days on the threshing-floor of Atad. David built an altar on Ornan’s (Araunah’s) threshing-floor which later became the site of the Temple. Ruth reveals herself to Boaz on his threshing-floor. And tonight on the 7th floor of this building, God allowed the Word to reveal His truth to His own… And on the 12th and in the 15th too!!

Join us for our report of this past Monday night’s outreach in Montreal. As Hughes was still unable to join the team because of an unrelenting cold, the team went out just the same and were blessed, as usual…. This report comes to us from Tina W.

This evening there were four of us: Danielle , Mark , Sarah, and me. We made a team of three. Mark chose to stay in the car or remain downstairs in the lobby, while Sarah joined for the first time, just to listen, learn, discuss and ask questions in between door-knocking. Her enthusiasm and happy smile was a blessing.
When we approached the building we did not see anyone in the lobby, but after half a minute we did see someone, so I rushed out of the car to get to the door. But the person had disappeared, so I went through the first door and checked the names on the 7th floor where we were going to start and noticed some Jewish names. Then I noticed an elderly lady getting out of a car and so I walked her to the front door. I greeted her with “Shalom!”, and she responded that she would open the door for me. She told me that she lived on the 7th floor (!!), the floor where we were going to start from. And she told me much about her life even before the 7th floor. She told me that she had lived in Israel in 1942 and fought in the army in 1948 . She was injured and therefore could not walk well. I told her that we had a special gift for her. In the meantime, Danielle parked her car and came inside with Sarah. I introduced them to this lady and then we all went by elevator up to the 7th floor. Her door was the very first one we would have knocked on. Wow! The Lord is so good. What timing. She invited us in, and showed us pictures and artifacts from Israel where she still has two sisters. She longs to go back to Israel. We offered her our gift, and told her that we had come to bless her and the Jewish people. We explained that the Brit Hadashah, the New Covenant, is the fulfillment of prophecy from Jeremiah 31:31. She accepted the set, and was very happy for the gift and the attention.

Many people were not home this evening, and some did not answer the door, or answered from the inside that they were not interested. At the next door which opened, a tall man greeted us and said he knew what we were there for. He said, “You are doing a very good job – I know from my mother-in-law.” He said,”There is One God, and we pray to the Chief!” We asked him about the Messiah, and his reply was that the Messiah would come and then everything would be beautiful and right. I asked him whether he knew Isaiah 53, and he said no, so we asked him to read Psalm 22 as well. He was very friendly, but did not want the set.

There was also a lady who was reluctant to accept the set, but after some time she decided to finally take them. However, when we were just about to knock on another door down the hall, she opened her door again, and told us that she did not want the set after all. Even though we told her that this was something to bless her, she gave the books back to us.

Then after a few refusals, a young man in his 40?s opened the door. He accepted the set after Danielle explained to him in French about the Messiah, the virgin birth and Messiah’s name “El Gibbor” (Mighty God) in Isaiah 9. That was the only French set which was given this past Monday evening.

On another floor, a young lady happily accepted the two books. We quoted

Jeremiah 31:31, and explained the fulfillment of prophesies in the New Covenant. There was another lady over 60 who answered the door. We explained that this was to bless the Jewish people, and told her that the New Covenant was totally Jewish as well. She accepted the set.

On the 12th floor, we spoke to a very friendly older gentleman who was surprised to be offered such a gift. After some explanation he took the set, but when he saw “New Testament” he changed his mind and gave back both books.

On the 15th floor, an old woman , around 85 or so, opened the door after we knocked several times. We waited a long time because the TV was quite loud but finally, she opened the door. We told her about the promises of God for the Jewish people, that He loved them, and that they were special to Him. She was clearly touched by what we said. She was not sure whether to believe what we were saying, so I said that she could ask the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to give her faith. Danielle also explained that all people have to be reconciled with God, and that the New Covenant taught about the reconciliation which was only possible by the blood. She still hesitated to accept, so Danielle said that she should first read it, and then decide whether to accept the Word of God since this is truly a Jewish book. Then she accepted the set.

Praise God for His timing, mercy, goodness and blessings. In all, we handed out 5

English sets and 1 French set.

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