This Monday night April 25, 2016, we were one team. Danielle, Sarah and myself (Tina). We began the evening with a new apartment building. We had only to wait a few minutes when two people walked up to the door, and let us in. There were only a few mezuzahs in this building, but every door provides an opportunity. At the first door we met an older woman using a walker. We told her our purpose for the visit and she asked us whether we were Jewish. Danielle explained that we love the Jewish people because we received the Word of God through them. She was surprised, accepted the set and then told us that she was going to show it to her sister who was married to a rabbi.

We then suggested she should first read the Word of God for herself. Why is it that we always need to have our answers come from “the rabbis” and not from our own spiritual explorations in the Word of God. This is so often the response of many Jewish people when we ask them their opinion about Jesus… “Oh, I will need to ask my rabbi”. To that God answers… “You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.”Jeremiah 29:13… and “…for the LORD searches every heart and understands every desire and every thought. If you seek Him, He will be found by you.” (1Chron. 28:9).

At the next door we met a Catholic woman, married to a Jewish man. We could see her husband sitting at the table a short distance from the door. This lady was quite surprised our gift and accepted the set for her husband. We explained that the New testament is the fulfilment of the prophecies given through the prophets Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Micah and others. She was an artist and offered a small painting as a donation. We politely refused but gave her a bookmark instead.

The last person to accept a set in this building was an older gentleman who was very friendly. He told us that his wife was not home but accepted the Tanach and the bookmark. He said he would share this with his rabbi. We told him that God is interested in every human heart including his and encouraged him to get into the Word himself (Jer. 29:13). Then all of a sudden he asked us whether we had kissed the Mezuzah on the door post, we said “no”. As I (Tina) was standing the closest to the doorpost, I touched the Mezuzah and said : “Sh’ma Israel, The Lord Your God is one…….and with that he smiled and we parted.

Though many did not answer their door in this apartment building, we were very happy to have given two sets and a Tanach.

We then drove to another building and I began checking the names on the tenants’ registry which had only a few Jewish ones. Sarah and I prayed while Danielle kept an eye on the door, and right then, a lady approached the front door, and we got in to explore more opportunities. Once again, we began at the top floor. At the first door there was a young Chinese man with a child. He explained that the Mezuzah was there from the previous tenants. I guess he likes Jewish mezuzahs and we know Jews love Chinese food J.

There was no response at several doors, but finally we were met by a very friendly young man whose wife was, within seconds by his side and asked why we were there. As we shared the reason for our knocking, she asked us whether we were representing the organization “Jews for Jesus”, asking whether Jesus was in either the Tanach or that other small book. Danielle replied that indeed He is in the New Testament, but it was optional to take it. The wife then refused both books.

At the last door we met a nice woman in her forties. We wished her a “Happy Passover”, as we had done with some others as well. As we told her the reason for the visit, she accepted the set, and wished us “Hag Sameach” (Hebrew for Happy Holiday).

The three of us were very glad to have given out 3 sets and one Tanach on this sortie, another evening of opportunity to bless Jewish people with the Word of God. It is all His work and all for His glory.



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