Knock-and-Talk-34 May 9 2016

The offer of a free bible set provokes some to ask… “Where’s the catch?”… Our answer: God catches us off guard every time we see how He controls everything pitched our way.

Shalom everyone!

We are grateful to God for the lovely night we had! Catherine, who participated in the outreaches almost every week these last 3 years was thrilled to join us once again after being away because of health issues.  It was equally joyous for us to have her back! We were two teams on Monday evening: Catherine and Danielle formed the first team while Sarah and I (Hugues) formed the second one.

Once again we started out in a new building and as is often the blessing from our great God, the front door quickly opened and we gained access in. Starting on the top floor, Danielle and Catherine knocked on a door and met a woman who had some difficulties walking. She also shared about a wound to her eye. She gladly took a set and said that it was a great blessing for her.  She even maintained that this was a specific divine encounter at a very important time in her life! Her eye injury did not block her positive view of this offer nor did her poor gait slow her down in receiving the gift.

Then they met a second woman with whom they had a very long and captivating conversation. When the woman spoke of different religions, Danielle told her that what God is looking for is a repenting heart….trusting not in what man can do but rather what God did. He provided the perfect sacrifice and they went on to prove this from Isaiah 53 and Isaiah 9:6. They also quoted Daniel 12:2 regarding eternal life and eternal damnation. They warned her, that when it comes to religion, always check what the Bible has to say concerning any given religious claim she might otherwise hear from the world. The woman cheerfully accepted the set and kissed them both saying, “What you are doing is absolutely extraordinary”.

As for Sarah and I, we were also blessed to be able to hand out a number of sets and have some very interesting conversations. The first lady we met told us that she has trouble reading so we told her that she does not have to read everything right away…she can read one page at a time. She finally agreed to take a set. Then, soon after, a woman who received a set insisted no less than 3 times, in paying us for it. She said she understood the value of things and we assured her that though she worked hard all her life, guilt to pay should not prevail, but rather  freedom to receive should… and the time for receiving was right now! She invited us into her apartment and proudly showed us a banner which read, “World’s Best Grandma”. We found it both cute and funny so we all laughed together. As we were leaving, she showed us the New Testament we had given her and she promised us that she would read it! We blessed her with a warm shalom and left.

We had an opportunity throughout the evening to give out 4 more sets both to some older folks as well as to some as young as in their thirties.

At our last door, we knocked and received no answer. Just when we were about to leave, a lady walking down the hallway asked us, “Can I help you?  I live there, in that apartment!” So right there in the hallway, we introduced her to the Scriptures, and then she asked us what would come next. We told her the set was free but she asked us where the catch was. We assured her that God plays no tricks and then we started our conversation. We asked her who she thinks Jesus is. She said she believed that He was a divine prophet (at least that!). Then, we shifted to Isaiah 9:6, the deity of the Messiah. She said she read the Book of Revelation in the New Testament quite some time ago. This brought us to an open door. We told her that most of the things mentioned in there were not possible to predict with such accuracy unless the person could really see the future 2 000 years ahead in time. That the whole world would see the 2 witnesses dead for 3 days (Rev.11:9-10) could only be possible with global television or the internet. We explained that if the Book is supernatural in prophetic content and has proven its accuracy then the presentation of Jesus as the God made man is equally supernatural and trustworthy! We spoke about the 2 comings of the Messiah and Israel’s deliverance. The woman remained very open minded.

It was a great evening and both teams combined to give out a total of 8 sets. Praise the Lord and please keep us and all those who received bibles before God’s throne.




    Thank you for your faithfulness in going out and obeying His word! The joy you receive in your hearts is 10 fold that of your recipient! Even the angels are rejoicing with you.

  2. Hi, I am very interested in taking part in this evangelism. I heard about it more than a year ago and got hold of your number. However, due to circumstances, I was not able to contact you and then mistakenly threw away the number. But, this year, my schedule has freed up and would like more information about it please!

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