Jewish people all over the world are getting ready for Passover. Some just buy unleavened bread or matzah, but others spend weeks on end scouring every corner of their entire home for crumbs of leavening. They have zeal, but most are without knowledge of the true Passover Lamb, Yeshua, Who is the fulfillment of the feast. Passover begins at sundown on April 10 and ends at sundown on April 18 this year.

As believers, we are called to celebrate the Feast of Passover by examining our own lives so as to rid ourselves of the leaven of malice and wickedness. (1 Cor. 5:7,8) Intentionally evil thoughts, words, and acts will pollute our whole being (Gal. 5:9), so we need to resist them when we are tempted. Let’s prepare ourselves for Passover this year by deliberately walking in sincerity and truth. May this, His truth, fill up every corner of our heart (see below).

Monday night March 27th,2017

It was again a beautiful evening. For this week we had another sister come and help out with the door to door distribution so we had our team of two, along with the sister who kept us supplied with Bibles in the car and surrounded us with prayer. The Lord opened the hands of six Jewish people to receive complete sets, and one who received a Tanach only. Two of them were men, and five were women. Most were middle aged.

Although several questioned our motives, we suggested that it was good to prepare for Passover by reading Isaiah 53, which of course speaks of the Lamb of God (especially v. 7). We also wished them “Chag Sameach!”, meaning 

a happy holiday ahead.

What impressed us the most was the lack of familiarity they had with the Scriptures which God entrusted to them. (Rom. 3:2) On the porch of one of the houses, we even found a rather large statue of Buddha. Gratefully, that man accepted the Word of God. One Jewish sister recounted how in her own home growing up,  her parents had, for many years a statue of Buddha, putting no faith in it of course, but unwittingly using it for decoration. It wasn’t until an orthodox Lubavitch, having been invited to their home for a particular event, saw the statue, took it outside and smashed it on the driveway. Zeal indeed but what would now replace that empty corner? Yes we are surely grateful that the Word of God was taken into that particular home on Monday night. We pray not to see that statue next week when we pass by that home.

Thank you for walking with us as team members who call upon the Lord of the harvest to bring forth fruit that will last. May many Jewish people worldwide recognize the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world this Passover! Please continue in prayer as we go to the Jew first in Montreal.

Calgary Report, Sunday night March 26th, 2017

The weather was great this evening. We knocked on 6 doors with mezuzahs;  4 households were absent and so we left  pamphlets there. One very nice Jewish man claimed he had the Scriptures and refused the bookmark. We thanked him for his people, who preserved the Scriptures for us all.  He returned a grateful smile before closing the door. Another lady refused our offer saying that she was Jewish and doesn’t read the New Testament. She left little room for any interaction. We continue to pray for more openness, the kind we had this past Fall season! We will attempt to do some pre-scouting of mezuzahs this week in other parts of Calgary. We thank God for the good weather and pray it continue so that it would not hinder the outreach.      

Shalom shalom from the Calgary team!

Buffalo NY.

The Buffalo team will back on the streets next week, God willing. Please continue to pray for them. Thank you.

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