It’s quite an enigma because Jews and Chinese people share so little in common politically, geographically and religiously… or so we thought….

A remarkable link is made with (Bishop)Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky, a  Jewish Lithuanian who received Messiah Yeshua, went to China as a missionary and helped to translate, along with four others, the Hebrew Old Testament into Mandarin. This work was certainly not ‘wanton’, but wise and scholarly.

Report for February 6, 2017

We had two teams this evening, 

Like other evenings, there were many refusals for all sorts of reasons, but we were also able to speak to many people who opened the door and heard that we had come to bring shalom and blessings.  The first set was accepted by a lady after hearing the Brit Chadasha is a fulfillment of OT Bible prophesies. The second person who accepted a set was a Chinese man of around 40 years old. We were surprised to see a Chinese person open a door with a Mezuzah on its frame, so we asked him whether he was Jewish. And yes, indeed he said he was. We spoke about the Tanach as well as the Brit Chadasha.  He answered that his people preferred to stick to the old book. We assured him that the small book was totally Jewish and that he should read it. He accepted the set with a smile.

The best known Chinese Jews are the Kaifeng Chinese. Some from that community made Aliyah (return to the Land of Israel) and studied under the rabbinate. They were immersed and accepted as Jews according to Jewish law. For those more interested learning about these Chinese Jews and their Jewish roots, here is a URL to a Jerusalem Post article about them:

The third person who accepted the set was a middle aged man who was very friendly and happy to receive the set after explaining why this gift was being presented to him.


As for the second team, it was also a very fruitful evening. This is their report:

The first set was given to a man in his 60’s who, with dog in arm, received the set, thanking us. Another set was given to a young man who asked us why we were doing this. We spoke of our thankfulness to have received the Word of God through the Jewish people. He accepted the set, confirming, “Yes, I am Jewish!” May he come to know personally the love that God has for him! At another door a man in his 40’s asked us which organization we were from and why we were doing this. As we attempted to explain, he did not wait to hear but kept asking more questions about us… we explained that we were Jews and Gentiles studying the Word together. He suggested that we should convert and we replied that there is only one God! He accepted the set and thanked us. At another door a young woman opened up but before offering the set we asked her if she was over 18 years old. Once she confirmed she was, we offered her the set. She accepted the set and said, “It’s so cold out.” But we told her with joy that we were blessed to bring the Word of God and she thanked us with a big smile! Another set was given to a young man who thanked us. At the last door, a man in his 70’s opened up and said that he already had the Old Testament and said that he already had the small book in English. When we mentioned that this New Testament we were offering him was written in Hebrew and in English he eagerly accepted it and thanked us. Praise God! 

We thank God for the love that He has toward the Jewish people and all men and how He wants to make Himself known! A total of 8 sets and 1 New Testament were given out this past Monday evening.


The following report comes in from our team in Buffalo New York.

This week we started a new area called the Weinberg Campuses. We went to 116 senior condos and not one home had a Mezuzah. The Jewish Community Center is in this area. We were quite surprised!

We then visited a senior apartment building where the security guard took Nigel to the nurse’s station. The nurse didn’t know of any units with Mezuzahs but thought there might be a couple of Jewish families. We left 1 set with her as she was very excited to pass the set on and call us if more are needed!

 Next week we are planning to visit a neighboring Jewish elder care campus to see if we can get approval to hand out sets to all the Jewish folks. Please pray for approval and for open doors. 

Blessing from the Buffalo region.


May the Lord bless and may the Holy Spirit work in these peoples’ hearts to receive the saving knowledge of Yeshua, the Savior of the World.


  1. Just a comment, Dr Schereschewsky was only one of a committee of 5 others who translated the bible into Beijing mandarin. Other missionaries translated earlier on for Chinese people in other dialect’s. Have a good day, and you are uplifted on prayer by many when you go out to the Jewish community.

  2. God is good! What a blessing to see all those jewish peaple having the Word of God in there home!
    I pray that our Father God will touch there heart to all those who receive the Word of God and that HE will discloses Yeshoua as there Savior!

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