As we go from door to door on Mondays, we are so blessed that more and more of you are with us in prayer, praying for a good crop from the Lord of the harvest. This past Monday we had many opportunities to hold fast and hold forth the Word of Life to those willing to receive. (Phil. 2:16)

The two teams who went out each had a member who was joining the outreach for the first time. It was a blessing to have them along and they in turn said how much of a blessing it was to part of the outreach. Last Monday night, a total of ten Jewish sets were given, including one in French. We also gave out an English Bible to a Gentile home.

Among the Jewish homes were many who simply and gladly accepted the gift. When we see a very large mezuzah, we might think the home belongs to someone who will offer more resistance. To our relief after ringing at one of those homes, we were greeted by a kind gentleman who gladly received the set.

Because nightfall arrives quite early now, we often need to walk right up to a dark doorway to see if there is a mezuzah displayed. So, it startled the team when the door opened just as they were approaching it to better see if it was a Jewish home. A woman and her son were about to go out.Not wanting to directly ask if they were Jewish (they could finally see there was no mezuzah), the team asked the woman who was preparing to leave if she read Hebrew. The woman replied that they were Muslim. Her 14-year-old son helped with the conversation, because he spoke more French. When the boy explained they’d heard of Jesus but didn’t know about Him, the team offered them an English Bible to decide for themselves who Jesus is. They took the Bible while a little 3-year-old girl from inside the home joined them at the door, thanking the team repeatedly for the free gift. May they all have open eyes to see the God of Israel who offers eternal life to all.

One Jewish woman asked multiple questions about the motives and background of those handing out the set, yet still accepted the gift for her home when she was satisfied with the answers.

Please continue to “walk” with us in prayer, bringing the Good News to those who God has foreknown will receive His Word. May they read and understand their need and His full provision.



Report from the team in Calgary Alberta


It has been a while since our last outreach in Calgary (July 30th). But the Lord had 2 surprise appointments for us on the eve of October 15th! We were only able to knock at 3 doors. At the first door the occupants were absent, and at the two other doors we had very interested Jewish respondents who accepted the full sets we offered. The first one was a Jewish woman who does not regularly attend synagogue but reads Hebrew and we were able to walk through some of the verses in Isaiah, up to the suffering servant passage (53) and to expose the reason for His suffering and for the need for the atonement of our sins. She listened with great interest and upon leaving we were able to invite her to call us if she had any questions. We invited her to come visit Valerie’s church if she had the desire. She seemed interested!

At the third door, a Jewish couple answered and they accepted our full set! They were also interested in what we had to say about Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. The gentleman was from Russia and we mentioned that we knew a learned Russian theologian, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum. Valerie left them Arnold’s name so they could research him on the internet.  We explained that the Jewish authored New Covenant was promised in Jeremiah 31:31. We also told her of the New Covenant’s reliability in that it is being used by Israeli archeologists in confirming new archeological sites! He was curious and opened the New Covenant to Matthew 1. There we showed the couple the reference links pointing to the fulfilled prophecies of the Old Testament. We reminded them about the

Hallell (the name given to the group of Psalms 113-118 which are preeminently psalms of praise) and in particular Ps. 118:26 which reads: “Blessed is the One who comes in the name of the Lord

”. We told them that Jesus was the One they need to recognize for salvation pointing out that Abraham himself was declared just through faith (Genesis 15:6)! They both thanked us for having visited them and for our expressed love and concern for Israel. They wanted both our phone numbers should they have any further questions! We couldn’t ask for a better evening.  Praise the Lord for having such an opportunity in serving Him!

Shalom Shalom,

Donald for the Calgary team.


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