Isn’t it fascinating and ironic how because of fear of persecution, some Jews may not put a mezuzah on their door frame while some non-Jews have inadvertently been blessed by keeping it there?

Shalom everyone!

Monday night was unique and special! Danielle, Tina, and I made one team and we started off in a large apartment building. The minute we entered the lobby, we read a warning about surveillance cameras and the interception of solicitors. Although technically we do not sell anything, we agreed that we should not start our evening there, but rather try the smaller building just across the street.

We arrived at the same moment as another woman and so we simply followed her in. Another case of divine timing. This was a small 5 storey building. As is our custom, we began on the top floor, where we found only one door with a mezuzah. We knocked  and a voice from behind the door asked us what the call was all about. Tina explained that we were there to offer a gift to her and all the Jewish families of this building. A  black  and very responsive woman opened her door and was softhearted when we offered her a set of the Scriptures.

She invited us into her apartment and said we were her 3 angels and that this was an answer to prayer. She is from a multicultural background; her roots go back to Ethiopia, Jamaica and Great Britain. Although not Jewish herself, she had mezuzahs on all the doors in her apartment. She had begun embracing the cultural side of Judaism some time ago because a Jewish friend had introduced her to these tenets. However, she was also listening to messianic radio programs almost every day. When talking about Judaism’s and Christianity’s points of view, Danielle asked her, “What do you personally believe?” She said she believed that Jesus is the Messiah and that He is divine.

When we started talking about our congregation and our beliefs regarding the deity of Yeshua from the Jewish perspective, she gave a cry of joy and said, “I found a family!” Having recently moved here from California, and having been a private nurse for many Hollywood superstars, she now had to cope with her own severe health issues. She said she was thirsty and hungry but the best food in the world is the Word of God. She was so happy to receive the Scriptures saying that she had wanted to buy a Bible. She confessed she desperately needed a congregation of brothers and sisters and hugged each one of us! When we asked her if she would consider visiting our congregation on Saturday, she said, “I wish Saturday would be tomorrow!” She was very pleased when Tina offered to pick her up for the Saturday morning service.  Then we all prayed together. As we left, she was still crying tears of joy and exclaimed a heartfelt “Hallelujah!”

It was a divine visit lasting about 20 minutes and it would seem that God sent us directly to her. Although there were very few mezuzahs in this building and though most people were not at home, God made that night very special one more time. We encourage you to pray with us for Vivian. A lost sheep was found and God’s sheep always hear His voice. As our pastor says, in reaching out the Jews, we touch Gentile lives as well, just as it was many times in the Gospels. May the Lord bless you and please continue to support us in prayer since we always need it!


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