As we approach the winter months, going out at night certainly has its demands. The most obvious challenge is how dark it gets so early; so much so that we find ourselves having to feel the doorpost with our fingertips to ensure whether there is a mezuzah there or not. This reminds us of spiritual darkness, where we truly cannot see past our own self-absorption. When the Lord told the Israelites that there would be darkness for three days, as part of the 10 plagues, the darkness was described as one which could literally be felt, just as when Isaac was feeling the arms of Jacob, to test whether he was indeed Esau or not. That is how literal the “feeling” of darkness can go.


Let’s keep praying together that the Light of life, Yeshua, would reveal Himself to the many and that His Word which we share, would be that lamp which dissipates the darkness and brings new life.


We had one team go out this past Tuesday night, October 9th. We gave out 6 full sets and 2 Tanachs. We were particularly touched by one young man, who just recently arrived from Paris with his wife and two young children. He met us at the door and was quite taken with what was shared concerning the Messianic prophecies and the end times. He wanted to know more. What a blessing! We gave him a bible set and the pastor’s phone number so that he can further his search. Hungry hearts make the Word become so satisfying. At another door, an older gentleman chose to take only the Tanach but agreed to read the Isaiah 53 leaflet that was given to him. At another door, an older man looked quite stern and suspicious as we spoke, but amazingly took the set and said thank you. At another door, a student (over 18 years of age) gladly received the set after having confessed that he did not ever read the New Testament.


Thank you for coming alongside us on another outreach evening. We will now be continuing our outreaches, for the most part, on Sunday afternoons. This will give us two hours of daylight and more time to bring the Word to these homes.

Have a blessed week.


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