We often speak of the great event, the coming of the Messiah. And seeing that these end time signs are steadily surfacing, we again turn our attention to what will happen to the Jewish people before the Second Coming. The prophecies are clear. There will be a rise of antisemitism, and this is what we are seeing growing around us.

Looking at the US for instance, we have some 7.6 million Jews living there. Despite the fact that they make up only 2 percent of the U.S.’s population, Jews are the target of nearly 60 percent of all religiously motivated hate crimes and lately the media is continually reporting so many of these direct and bold antisemitic acts. So much so, that the White House, last Wednesday, organized a roundtable discussion with Jewish leaders in order to discuss this rise and find ways to prevent it. But these attacks look so much like the pre-holocaust ones we have grown to dread. We hear and read about the accusation that Jews have too much power, in the media, in the banking system, in the government, even in the weather.

Here are some recent media quotes:

“We support Hitler because Hitler was killing your people”

“You’re not a Jew, you’re the seed of the devil.”

“The Holocaust did happen and we’re glad that it happened.”

All of this should not surprise the believers for we know what the prophets say about the coming antisemitic wave, but we also know that this is a calling for us to act. And this is where all believers in Yeshua and especially Gentile believers can do something. We can act now, beginning with praying for the Jewish people. We can raise our voices in support of Israel, for Jews are still the chosen people of God and this is why they are being treated this way. We can act by showing them our love and reminding them of the great eternal promises of God in His Word.

And let us remember that whoever blesses Israel, will be blessed. This is God’s promise in Genesis 12:3, the Abrahamic promise to the Gentiles where God says, “I will bless those who bless you”. Then let the nations be blessed, the time is ripe.