Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures


Thursday, August 31st

4 sets (3 English, 1 French) and 3 English Tanakhs were given.


A team of two ladies were out in a local residential area on a sunny and warm day. The first three doors they came to received the Tanakh but no conversations were had.

Next, they crossed the street and were received by a young mother with her daughter at the door. She hesitantly received the set asking if it was a true Tanakh and being satisfied that it was, took it and exclaimed happily that there were many Jewish households on her street that would take the set. They told her about the importance of reading the scriptures so that she would be able to identify the Messiah when He returns. She accepted the pamphlet, leaflet and bookmark as well but minutes later she appeared on the street stating that her husband wanted her to return it. The team graciously took it back and wishing her well noticed that she had kept the pamphlet and other items. They praised God for this blessing.

A French set was given to an elderly healthy-looking woman from Morocco who stated that she had lived for some time in Israel and indeed was planning a visit in the next few weeks. At that point she began to cry stating that she had lost her husband two months prior and that she would be visiting family in Israel. She was obviously heartbroken and cried profusely and so the team asked if they could give her a hug. Stating she felt their comfort, she thanked the team for praying for her. She was opened to a second visit from them upon her return and was thankful for the reading material she was given including the contact card.

A lady from Hungary who stated she had many connections in Israel received a set and although there was a short conversation, she was encouraged to read the scriptures to which she happily said she would.

Another woman came to the door and her young son stood with her. Before she could accept the Tanakh, the son took the set and began opening the pages and so the mother retrieved it quickly. Not to be outdone, the son reached out to the team member and took the Brit Chadashah which he held firmly in his hand.  Accepting the pamphlet, leaflet and bookmark the mother exclaimed that those were hers so that he would not destroy them.  She stated that she was very thankful for the gift but surprised that it was free.

Another Hungarian lady received an English set but there was no conversation, yet she had a warm and lively attitude.

Lastly, a man with mobility issues answered his door and stated that he could not take the set as he could not hold it.  He was thankful to read the pamphlet and leaflet and the team prayed for his healing.  One of the members stated that she saw more light in his eyes after the prayer and they were thankful that they were able to pray for him.


Thursday, August 31st

2 French gift sets, 1 English Tanakh, 1 French Bible, 1 Russian Bible, and 20 pamphlets (16 English, 4 French) were given.


A second team of  two ladies were out in a local shopping mall when they met a Russian man who had a hard time communicating with them. He received the Russian bible and was thankful it was free.

A French set was given to an elderly Jewish man who was in a hurry to visit his wife in the hospital. They did speak to him about the Messiah, and he said “Yes we are waiting for Him” to which the team replied that they believed that he had come and how he could read about that in the scriptures.  They spoke about the prophesies concerning Him and how He had fulfilled all of those prophesies during His first coming and that He will return to reign in Jerusalem. He accepted the leaflet, pamphlet and contact card as well.

A French set was given to a Moroccan woman from Casablanca.

A French bible was given to a Muslim man with whom they were able to give the gospel. He stated he had a girlfriend who was a Christian and that he would like to attend the congregation.  Please pray for this couple that they would be convicted to read the scriptures and come to the congregation for a visit.

A Tanakh was given to a woman who was hesitant at first but thanked them saying that it was a good thing what they were doing. Next, a man from Kazikstan spoke to them.  He already had a bible but he did have many Jewish friends. They spoke to him about the gospel and how it was necessary to repent for his sins and receive Yeshua. They told him not to wait too long. Receiving the anti-Semitism pamphlet he was surprised that it still existed and asked what he could do. They suggested that he share the Word and website with his friends to which he agreed. The team wanted to bless the Lord for the beautiful day and were humbled to serve Him as all the glory goes to Him.


Thursday, August 31st  (evening)

A total of 5 sets were given.


This team gave 2 sets out to homes where the family answered them via their camera.  The families were not home and asked them to leave the sets at the front door.

One set was given to a woman who was just having dinner and was in a hurry to end the conversation but did take the set and thanked the team.  A set was given to a young man who was in the midst of putting his children to bed, but he received the set with thanks.

The team had a conversation with an Orthodox man who stated he already had a Tanakh but took the pamphlets, leaflet and bookmark. He asked the team if they were Reform Jews to which they replied that they were biblical Jews and one of the team members said she believed in the Scriptures and that she was not a follower of rabbinical Judaism. He was willing to speak briefly to them about the Word of God.

They then had a conversation with a French man from Morocco who was standing in his driveway. He did not want the Tanakh stating that he did not believe in it as one rabbi said one thing, and another rabbi something else, and one would tell him to do this and the other rabbi would say to do something else. The team then shared that the most important thing was to stay in the Word of God because that would be where God would reveal Himself to him. He was told to look at the prophesies and the works of the Messiah to which he stated that he believed the Messiah would not be a person but perhaps a star etc.  He did keep the Isaiah 53 leaflet and was encouraged to read that as well as the Book of Life pamphlet and the anti-Semitism pamphlet.

The team asks for prayer for all those who received the sets etc. and that they would go to the website to seek Him there, and they praise God for all the conversations.


Thursday August 31 – evening

Total sets 4 full sets plus 1 Tanakh plus 1 Brit Chadasha


There was a second team who went on the opposite side of the street from the other team in the neighborhood where there was a majority of Jewish homes. Most people who answered the door said they already had a Tanakh but gladly took the Book of Life tract and a bookmark of messianic prophecies.

A few residents were quite skeptical of what was being offered and refused all literature. Others said they would not read the Tanakh even if they had one but accepted the shorter printed literature.

At one door, an older Jewish woman was touched by the offer of a set and immediately began to reminisce about the Torah portion her son once learned in order to become Bar Mitzvah so long ago. She said she had a Tanakh in the house. When the Brit Chadasha was offered and explained, she said she would simply listen to our description since she didn’t bring her eyeglasses to the door with her. She was quite emotional and said she was about to cry that we had come to her door to offer her this book, which we clearly said was a New Testament. She gladly received it! Leaving her home, one of us was nearly moved to tears as well.

Another man was busy talking to a landscaper so we just left him with a Tanakh and tracts.

At another home, an older man said he was so thankful for the offer of the books. We admired the beautiful paintings he had displayed in the foyer at the front door. Saying that his wife had painted them, he then invited us inside to view more of her work. He called upstairs for her to come downstairs to meet us and hurried into the kitchen to bring fresh hamantaschen pastries to us. They are traditionally made for Purim to mark the events in the Book of Esther in the month of March. We chatted briefly and then they both thanked us for the gifts as we left to continue down the street.

The team gave four sets, one Tanakh, and one Brit Chadasha, along with over a dozen Book of Life tracts and bookmarks.

A total of 9 full sets, 1 Tanakh and 1 Brit Chadasha was given out just in this one evening! Praise the Lord!


All these teams are very grateful for all the prayers on their behalf and praise God for his faithfulness