Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Monday October 2, 2023

Two team members began a new Jewish sector on a pleasant evening. As usual, we were met with a variety of responses. In total, five full sets as well as a Tanakh were distributed. As we walked down the street, we saw some very religious men and boys walking home, perhaps after a time in a Sukkah for the holiday.

At the first house, a kind woman received a Tanakh, speaking of the ultra-Orthodox who live in the neighborhood.

A man in his 30s came to the door with two young children while on a phone conversation. He quickly ended it and took time to speak with us, happily accepting a full set. He seemed particularly pleased with the Brit Chadeshah. He praised the work of distributing Scriptures to Jewish homes.

A man answered us through his doorbell camera since he was absent. He agreed for us to leave a set in his mailbox. As always, we clearly said one of the books was a New Testament.

Two teenage sisters drove up just as we arrived at their house. After verifying they were of majority age, we offered to give them a set to read, which they received. They thanked us with big smiles.

A young woman accepted the Tanakh but then gave it back, along with all literature after hearing of the Brit Chadeshah. She said since God’s name was fully written out, she could not throw it away if she didn’t want to keep it.

A middle-aged man was pleased to receive a full set when we went to his door.

Some people tell us, “We have everything we need.” Sometimes we can give them a holiday or anti-Semitism tract, but other times they refuse to take anything. But most still take a tract and bookmark.


Tuesday October 3, 2023

A team of two went to the area we are finishing up. Four full sets and three Tanakh were given.

An elderly European woman drove up and was struggling to drag a trash can back to her garage, so a team member rushed to help her. She was very skeptical of who we were, asking if we wanted to “convert her,” since she had read about people doing that from an internet article. We said we simply wanted to familiarize her with the prophecy God gave and fulfilled concerning the Messiah of Israel. After a while, she thanked us and took a full set.

Another religious man was leery of what we were giving out but listened to us speak about a particular practice of Jewish men in Israel. They take the bound lulav from Leviticus 23:40 with the three types of branches and beat it on the ground in the four directions of the compass near the Western Wall, asking or even demanding that the Messiah come right away. At the end, he happily took a full set and pointed out where we could find many other Jewish homes on his street. He insisted we speak to a very religious couple across the street.

For our approach there, we decided to send just one member to the door with only with the Talmudic commentary on Isaiah 53, the bookmark, and Sukkot tract in hand. The couple came to the door and had a nice conversation with the member, accepting all three pieces of literature. They said they would gladly look up the prophecies from the bookmark in their own Tanakh.

An Israeli man opened his door, kissing his hand and the mezuzah. He told us he was extremely religious and kept much of the law. After we spoke a little while, he took a full set, wished us well, kissed his hand and the mezuzah again, and closed the door.

At another home, a man said he had Covid, or was concerned about it, and answered the door wearing cut off blue disposable gloves. He quickly thanked us and took the full set, and immediately closed the door.

Two individuals at other homes did not seem open to the Brit Chadeshah, so we left them with a Tanakh and other literature.

All those who took the literature were kind and grateful by the time we parted company. May they read and see Yeshua, the promised One of Israel. As always, thank you so much for walking with us as you accompany us in prayer. Chag Sukkot Sameach!