Thursday, September 28th

4 gift sets, 1 French Tanakh and1 English Tanakh were given.

A team of two were in a local residential area and gave out four gift sets to people who received them gratefully and with thanks. There was a lot of street noise however because of the construction going on. However, the sound stopped just as the team arrived at a flat at the end of one side of the street.  Here they met a French woman who was from Paris. Taking the Tanakh, she wanted to know more about who the Messiah was. She had various views about Him from her friends and so the team gave her a bookmark and showed her how she could look the verses up in her Tanakh and find the truth about Who He is.

She was shown how the prophets foretold of His coming, how He would be born, live and die a sinless life and give Himself as a sacrificial atonement for their sins. A team member gave her testimony on how she too was looking for the Messiah and when she read the scriptures about Him, she knew in her heart that that was the truth.The woman was thankful for the Tanakh but refused the Brit Chadashah. She quickly asked one more question “Why did the Messiah come?” to which she was told that He came to fulfill the law and provide salvation for all mankind, first to the Jew and then to the Greek.  Smiling she thanked them and closed the door.

A Jewish man from Morocco opened his door across the street and a waft of beautiful cooking enveloped the team. He greeted them with a holiday greeting and after they explained why they were there, he momentarily left them and returned with two boxes of cookies he prepared himself for the holidays!  He was thinking out loud telling us that he would start a business as he had many orders but then quickly came back to our conversation. Receiving the Tanakh in English, he stated he believed that Jesus was a Jew and agreed to prayer asking God to give him answers about the Messiah of the Bible. He took the business card and was shown how to contact the pastor.

The team was very grateful for the prayers that day as it was very hot and they were thankful for the two wonderful conversations.


Wednesday, October 4th

41 pamphlets were given out that day and there was one salvation

After handing out many brochures, the team was ready to leave the local shopping mall when they saw a man sitting on a bench next to the entrance to the store. They greeted this French man from Haiti who had been living in Canada for 27 years as he was taking his coffee break outside.  After introducing herself, one of the members felt she could speak openly to him about his faith. He gave a testimony of how his family had been badly persecuted in Haiti and still was and especially for their faith. He expressed that he had been a Catholic but had left the church due to questioning their practices. He said he felt the need to return to God as he needed strength to carry him. He was asked if he wanted to repent of his sins and ask forgiveness after agreeing that Jesus was God’s son. The other team member approached them with a French Steps to Peace and slowly they went through the verses about man’s separation from God and, wanting to repent of his sins, he agreed to say the prayer with the team member. He was told he would receive the Holy Spirit through Jesus and that He would abide with him and give him strength. Expressing that he saw the truth for the first time and with his head bowed low he repeated the prayer after her and with tears in his eyes he received congratulations for his commitment to Messiah. He signed and dated his booklet and with that in hand and a contact in the other (and a promise to contact the pastor) he thanked the team and returned to his work.

Please pray for this man who gave his life to Christ and for the two others who had meaningful conversations about the Messiah. The team thanks the Lord for His faithfulness and for all the prayers offered on their behalf.