Friday, November 24th

Six gift sets with the accompanying bookmark, anti-Semitism pamphlet, Isaiah 53 leaflet and card of blessing were given.

The team of two were out on a cold day when they approached a man retrieving his groceries from his car. He greeted them with a curious smile as they offered him the free gift set and the card of blessing. He was perplexed as to why he was being offered a free gift and the team had a chance to explain how the scriptures foretold the Messiah’s timeline from His birth to His death and how only a few prophesies remain to be fulfilled. It was explained that the Messiah will return and at that time peace will be over Israel and the earth. They told him that they believed the Messiah was Yeshua as written in the scriptures and he did not object but kept looking at the card that was presented to him. He was getting cold and thanked them for the gift and the conversation and went inside.


Two sets were given to women at their doors but as it was unusually windy and cold, they quickly took the sets and with thanks, closed their doors.

They then came to the home of an elderly woman with her walker who was being ushered out her front door by her taxi driver. He was an older gentleman and appeared to be familiar with his client. The team offered her the gift set and she said unpleasantly that she did not want anything. The driver took the Tanakh from the team member and told the woman that she needed that book to which she said “Oh alright!!t”. The driver smiled and placed both books and the gift card on the bench next to the door as he insisted and told the team that he would make sure it arrived safely inside later. The driver wanting to be the gentleman, asked the woman to thank the team and as she did, the team left, leaving the man to deal with their struggle. Please pray for this woman that her heart would soften, that she would experience a touch from the Holy Spirit, and she would turn to her Messiah in solace.

There were two more visits: one to a woman who received the set without hesitation. She was thankful and listened as the team told her about the gift set and how they complimented each other; the Tanakh foretelling of the coming Messiah and the Brit Chadashah announcing His birth and fulfillment of His death. They explained to her that the Messiah was coming back soon and she should prepare for His arrival by reading the scriptures. She was given Isaiah 53 and the card of blessing, and she told them the card was very beautiful.

Lastly, a man received the set and said he was very familiar with the scriptures. He took the card and the anti-Semitism pamphlet and told the team that 13 hostages had just been released from Gaza. The team thanked him for the news and encouraged him to go online and to listen to the pastor’s teachings.  He was happy to hear that he could do that and thanked the team for their devotion.

The team was thankful that they managed to last for the hour and half but were uplifted in the spirit by their “visits”.  They are thankful for the prayers that continue to bless and cover them and praise Hashem for His faithfulness.