Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Wednesday, May 10th


Team 1

4 sets, 3 bibles (2 French, 1 English), 1 Brit Chadashah, 1 Tanakh, 20 pamphlets were given.

A man from France who refused the set took the anti-Semitism pamphlet and started a conversation about faith and what was happening in the world. He was interested in learning more about the promises of God and received a booklet which listed the prophesies of the coming Messiah as listed in the Tanakh. The team member explained that the Messiah did come for the salvation of many and He would come again and reign in Jerusalem.

A young Gentile woman stopped while she was being greeted and after taking the anti-Semitism pamphlet, also took the gift set explaining that she had begun working at the Hebrew school nearby. She hoped that it would better help her to understand the teachings and might even (jokingly) lead her to have a Jewish boyfriend.

Just after, a Jewish woman received the set and was shown the Isaiah 53 pamphlet. She was led through some prophesies of the coming Messiah from the Tanakh when she suddenly exclaimed, “Jesus was a Jew”. Seeing the positive reaction, the team member explained that Yeshua is the Great I Am, and that He said that “Before Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I Am”. She wanted to know more and was directed to read the pamphlet and the bookmark. She was also told to read the Tanakh and the Brit Chadashah in order to see the fulfillment of the prophesies concerning the Messiah. She received prayer in the name of Yeshua Hamashiah.

Another lady was also very thankful to receive a set.

A lady was greeted with a tract at her car but refused it yet minutes later she waved and opened her window to the team member as she passed by.  Asking if they were members of Jews for Jesus, she explained that she was a wife of a rabbi in Outremont. The woman said that they did not have to come to that area as they all had strong faith. The team member replied that they came to give the Word of God and the woman seemed to receive that answer well.

A Russian man from the Ukraine received the set also as well as the Isaiah 53 leaflet in Russian.

A man was leaving his car and a team member noticed his feet as they were very red and swollen.  She approached him and asked if he needed help and while saying no, she offered him an anti-Semitism tract. He refused it saying he was not Jewish. He also refused a bible.  However, he sat down again in his car and shared that he was sad due to losing his wife the month before and showed the member a picture of his wife. He became emotional but said that his adoptive family was a great support and proceeded to tell the team member about all the things he had done for his family. She told him that although the things he did were wonderful God was interested in the condition of his heart and that what matters is that Jesus receives the glory for all the blessings this man received. She told him that that was what God requires, a repentant heart in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. She stated that it was time for him to rest and to seek this assurance of salvation.  She led him in a prayer that included the way to salvation so that when he was ready, he would say the prayer himself.  She did this as he did not want to say the prayer of salvation that day. The other team member having arrived for the prayer included that only Jesus was the way, the truth and the life. They both gave him a hug and he remained seated and was emotional as they left.

Again, with grateful hearts both teams expressed their thankfulness to God for opening opportunities for them to speak with people and for the prayers of the saints on their behalf.


Team 2

A team of two ladies continued to go door to door in the same neighborhood. A total of three sets were given to the residents in the area, and a few received only the Pentecost tract and prophecy bookmark.

At the first door the team met a woman who was soon joined by her husband who arrived home as we spoke. They had recently moved to the area. They had a nice conversation, and the couple received a full set along with a prophecy bookmark and a tract on Shavuot (Pentecost). They were quite excited about the gifts and thanked the team repeatedly.

At the next house, a woman vehemently resisted the team, saying she wanted nothing to do with “Jews for Jesus”, although we told her we were not members of that particular organization.

Just afterwards, a man then said he had already received a set from us, even though it has been years since that area had anyone go door to door. After checking back with Pastor Gabizon, the team decided to continue in the area.

Many times, no one answered the door, even with numerous cars in the driveway. Most doorbells are now equipped with a camera.

A kind young woman happily received a full set from us at the end of the outreach. She listened as we spoke about the need for Jewish people to get back to the Scriptures and was told about reading Isaiah 53 and the Book of Matthew.

Thank you for continuing to lift up these precious opportunities to share the news of Messiah with the Jewish community.


Thursday, May 11th

3 sets, 1 Brit Chadashah, 10 Shavuot pamphlets and 9 Anti-Semitism (3 French, 6 English) were given.

A team of two ladies were out at a local shopping mall on a warm, sunny day.  A Jewish woman was offered a set who said that she had already received a set but had given it to her daughter.  She instead took the Tanakh and happily went on her way.

A set was given to a man who was questioning the team about suffering and evil in the world. He said that he was keeping his eyes on what was happening globally and was questioning where God was.  The team answered him saying that God was very patient and wanted all to receive redemption. They directed the conversation towards suffering and the importance of salvation saying that if he did not accept the Saviour and His salvation, he would suffer for eternity. They spoke about Daniel and how man having a choice would go to either everlasting life or everlasting shame.  They explained that only the Messiah could remove his sins and asked him to read Isaiah 53 and gave him a contact card. Finally, at this point he smiled and said, “I will see you probably soon” and the team replied that he had the information to call the office at any time.

The team then spoke to a man who told them he had just lost his job. They replied by saying that God was perhaps calling him and that he could use this time to read the Scriptures. They told him that Yeshua was the Messiah and how they recognized Him as He came from the tribe of Judah and before the destruction of the Second Temple. They also shared that He would reign in Jerusalem when He came again.  They prayed for him to take time in the Word and they also prayed that he might be able to soon find a new job. He was encouraged and replied in Hebrew, “Good enough, right”.

Another set was received by a woman who said she had recently lost her husband and was in mourning. They spoke to her about Yeshua being the Messiah and that only He could remove sins and even if her sins were as crimson red they would become white as snow through Him.  They told her that she would find rest, peace and joy in Him.  She received the business card with thankfulness and was told she could contact them if she wanted to have a visit from them.