Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

March 1, 2023

Two team members were thrilled to be back in a Jewish neighborhood just before the Jewish holiday of Purim. It was a milder evening with no wind, perfect weather for the winter. We wished everyone a happy holiday and offered our gifts on a street that had many Jewish homes. In total, we gave out eight sets, which included just a Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures) to one couple, and just a Brit Chadashah (NT) to a gentleman.

Immediately after starting out, young men at two different homes received full sets. One was very happy that it was a free gift. Later down the street, another young man pulled back from the doorway when we showed him the Tanakh, but quickly stepped forward toward us when we instantly reassured him that there was no cost to him. He also took a full set.

A more religious woman was the only one during the whole evening who refused to accept anything from us. All others took at least our Purim tract and a bookmark of Messianic prophecies.

Another woman who took a set had just finished baking hamantaschen, a special cookie for Purim.

A couple came to the door at another house and took the Tanakh but became wide-eyed and almost fearful when we offered the Brit Chadashah. We thought they might even give back the first volume, but they kept it.

A very young woman who said she was over 18 years old (we have to check sometimes) was also glad to accept a set from us.

One man assured us he had several copies of the Tanakh, but was happy yet surprised to receive a Brit Chadashah.

Everyone was kind to us, one woman asking us if we were okay to be out alone. She had just received a full set of Scriptures. We assured her we were safe before exchanging holiday wishes and wishing her well as we left.

One woman we met had been a personal trainer to one of the team members several years back. She had converted to Judaism from a Catholic and non-Evangelical Protestant background when she got married. She was more hesitant than most to accept the Brit Chadashah, but finally took a whole set.

Please keep us in prayer on a regular basis, since we hope to return to the streets more often now that the bitter cold should be over. We are also planning outreaches at shopping areas. Thank you so very much for walking with us as we hold out the Word of life!