Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Thursday, March 7th 

5 gift sets (3 French, and 2 English), 1 Hebrew Brit Chadashah, 2 Bibles (1 English and 1 French) and many anti-Semitism and Purim pamphlets plus the comfort cards were given on this day.

A team of two had a pleasant day to do outreach at a local shopping mall. The first set in French was given to a woman from Morocco.  It was an opportune time, because of her gratefulness, for her to receive the set and she was encouraged within her spirit. The team spoke to her about Israel and the current events taking place there. She informed them that half of her family lives in Israel and that she has friends of friends who were taken as hostages on October 7th.  They prayed with her in the name of Yeshua and gave her a comfort card. She was also given the contact card and encouraged to listen to the teachings online. They also told her about God’s love and protection over Israel.

A French bible was given to a Muslim woman, and they had a long conversation with her, of about 15-20 minutes. She was told about Yeshua being the Messiah, that He is the true light and that only He is the way, the truth and the life. They explained that no one could go to the Father except through Him because although there were many religions, there was only one way to God and that was through Yeshua. He alone could atone for sins and thus cleanse man of his guilt before God. They also mentioned that when He came, He was both divine and man at the same time, revealing the reality and nature of the one true God. She listened to all that was said and thanked them for the bible.

One bible was given in English to an Italian man who recognized one of the team as having been a co-worker several years back. The team member finally recognized him, and then confessed that at that time she was not a believer in Yeshua and preceeded to testify of her faith and offer a bible to him. He was given a contact card as well and invited to visit the congregation.

An English set was given to a young Jewish woman, who looked younger than her age. She thanked them for the gift but told them she did not have any money to donate. She was assured that it was not necessary and so she returned to the car where her father was waiting. They took the time to search the literature and scriptures while in the car. It must have all been acceptable because they then drove off with everything they received.

A religious woman took the Purim pamphlet and the team felt that the encounter was a particular blessing for her and them. She was offered a comfort card, but she refused.

Two French sets were given to a woman from Casablanca. She asked for a set for her son, and then spoke of the events in Israel, saying that she was very upset but said her faith was great. She told them about God’s faithfulness and protection to which the team replied “Amen”.  She took the comfort card for her and her son as well.

A Brit Chadashah in Hebrew was given to a woman who was originally from Israel. She was delighted to have the Brit in Hebrew to read!  Interestingly, she took the book after she was told it was a Jewish book and then was shown the Isaiah 53 leaflet and how the Messiah was the only one who could make her tsadik (righteous). She was very thankful.

Many pamphlets and cards were handed out and to note, especially to one young mother with a child in the car.

The team stated that they had a wonderful outing, however they did feel the suffering and were able to offer comfort through the Holy Spirit.  They thanked everyone who prayed for them.