Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

 Thursday, June 1st

2 sets (1 English, 1 Russian) and 12 pamphlets were given.

On an extremely hot and humid day a team of two women decided to brave the elements and return to a local shopping mall for outreach.

They first approached a woman who received an English gift set and was very thankful.  She left the team saying, “What you are doing is great and keep it up”.

A second set in Russian was given to a Jewish couple “U and E”. They were genuinely happy to receive the set and as they took the gift, the man said, “Spasibo” and the team replied in Hebrew, “Todah Rabah” (which means thank you).  This pleased the team as it reminded them that God’s word is for all nations, and they were honoured to be a vessel to offer such a precious gift.

They then met a Muslim man with whom they had a 30-minute conversation. They spoke to him about the plan of salvation, and he was thankful for their time.

The second team did not go out on this day but stayed in prayer for the other team who braved the weather.  May His Light be received through the sets and pamphlets on this day and each outing until He comes.  Thank you to all for your prayers and support.