Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

2 gift sets, 40 pamphlets and 1 English Bible were given out.

Two ladies were out and about in a Jewish neighborhood and although it was a partly sunny day there was a deep impression of spiritual conflict over the area where they were.  People were literally resistant to the team members and one woman in particular who was well dressed but not in orthodox fashion scolded them for having the nerve to promote such an organization. This opposition continued until they stopped and prayed for godly deliverance. At this point they moved their car to the opposite end of the mall, and almost immediately there was a breakthrough; the crowds increased and there was an openness to the work of the Spirit.

A French Jewish woman took the antisemitism pamphlet as well as the Isaiah 53 leaflet.  She refused the gift set but was encouraged to go online and listen to the teachings of Pastor Jacques.

Two young, beautiful Jewish Russian ladies were approached, and the team member had a small conversation with them and presented the gift set which they took as well as the Isaiah 53 leaflet and bookmark so that they could refer to the verses which spoke about the Messiah. Although they were very shy, they were very thankful to receive the English set.

Two Jewish ladies then were approached and were entirely the opposite in character from each other. Yet they were both thankful that the team was there and encouraged them by saying, “Keep up the good work”. One woman said that if there were more people like our team, the world would be very different.

An Italian woman was standing by the team’s car and as she was approached her face lit up as a team member began to speak about the Messiah.  She quickly said that she believed in Jesus because He miraculously healed her.  Excitedly, she recounted her time in the hospital having had surgery for a brain tumor. She was given a 35% chance of recovery.  She insisted with the doctors that Jesus was going to heal her and she would survive. As she came out of the surgery recovery room she was hailed as having had a miracle and the doctors were amazed.  At that point the other team member was called over and the story was retold!  She was jumping up and down thanking Jesus and they asked if they could pray with her.  Grabbing their hands she echoed their words.  Without hesitation one team member asked if “S” would like to have a personal relationship with Jesus and know that day that she had a home in heaven.  She grabbed their hands once again and went through the Steps to Peace being shown how her sin and lack of repentance had kept the door closed to this assurance of salvation.  She willingly agreed and was eager to say the prayer.  Taking the small booklet in hand, she read the prayer out loud and closed saying AMEN! Signing her name on the booklet sealed her prayer and she wanted to know if she could attend our congregation. Her information was taken and she thanked us. Pray for this new believer to join us and continue to grow in Yeshua.

Afterwards, an Iranian woman listened intently to the gospel message and received an English bible. She was told that without the blood offering there could be no forgiveness of sins and only Jesus as the Messiah could accomplish that. She accepted prayer and thanked the team member for the moving explanation.

The team was thankful that the day ended well with no further opposition.

All glory goes to our Savior and Deliverer! Amen.