Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Thursday December 28, 2023

In all, one set and one English Bible were given, along with 75 Christmas tracts and 15 tracts for Jewish people along with around ten cards of comforting promises to the Jewish people from the Tanakh.

A team of two ladies went to a shopping area shortly after the Christmas holiday. There were fewer shoppers than on the 26th, which is Boxing Day in Canada. Still, a young Orthodox Jewish woman expressed gratitude for us being pro-Israel in the current sea of anti-Semitism. Although she did not take a set because she said she already had the Scriptures, she took our new tract on the blessing of Israel and said it was quite pretty.

Around 15 tracts, including ones more specifically for Gentiles were given out at that place before the team went to a busier shopping center.

Right after we arrived, a team member began speaking to a young woman with tattoos and piercings. The two immediately began to speak about Jesus. She agreed she was a sinner. We said that we never know our length of days and that Jesus was coming back soon. She said her boyfriend was a Christian and that she really wanted what he had. After a short conversation, she repeated a prayer for salvation after us. She had tears in her eyes, and when she was offered a Bible, she said she wanted to make changes in her life. She said she had wanted to become a Christian for a little while and was convinced this was the right direction for her. We pointed out our contact information and how she could hear our teaching on a regular basis.

A Romanian man who identified himself as a Christian was arranging his shopping bags in the car when we greeted him. He was happy to take a full set for his Jewish wife.

We praise God for all He did on that day and look forward to witnessing in 2024.


Tuesday, January 2, 2024

4 sets (3 English, 1 French) and 30+ Christmas pamphlets, 15+ Blessings for Israel cards were given.

The first English set was given to a Jewish man who asked if he was correct in recognizing the team member to which she replied that perhaps it was possible as she had participated in the Jewish dancing at their community centre. This opened their conversation to his children’s schools, and they talked of the Jewish faith and the Messiah as the coming King of Peace and how only at the second coming will He bring this peace. He was encouraged to read Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22. The man then admitted that a niece of his believed in Yeshua and was involved with Jews for Jesus. He was given our contact information and Scriptures and told that the team would pray for him.

The second set was given to a man along with the Blessing for Israel card and the comfort card for Israel.  He did not want to take the set at that moment but when told that she may not see him again, he took the set gratefully.

A couple received the 3rd set in French.  He was a Jewish believer from France and his wife who was with him had a 2-week-old baby well bundled against the cold. The wife mentioned the same Jewish school as the first gentleman where the team member had worked. The wife was interested in receiving the French scripture and when the other team member brought it to them the husband was very touched and wanted to give a donation but when he found out it was free, he asked if he could offer a hug. At this point the wife asked where the congregation was located. They were then invited to visit and contact the pastor.

A well-dressed Orthodox gentleman wearing his kippa and tzitzit was approached and was offered the Blessings for Israel pamphlet. The member told him that she prays for Israel and their people every week and mentioned that she and her husband once worked for a Hasidic Jew and were very blessed to do so. The man asked what kind of believer she was; she replied that she believed in the Hebrew scriptures; that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob brought salvation to the Jews through the Messiah and that Christians had the Scriptures because of the Jewish people. She also mentioned that only the Messiah can make man righteous (tsadik) through His blood atonement. He asked her if she believed in the Old Testament or the New Testament and she replied, “Both and also in the Messiah”.  He agreed that Yeshua was a Jew and that when we seek God, we will find the Messiah.  He offered his contact information for further conversation with the pastor.

Lastly, as it was time to leave, one of the members went to warm up in the car, while the other member felt the Lord wanted her to give out another set. As she asked the Lord for direction, a door opened up on the isle beside her and a woman got out. She smiled and asked what the member wanted. The woman was then told that the gift set was specifically for her, that it was a set of two books – the Tanakh and the Brit Chadashah. She said she had the Tanakh already but was excited to take the New Testament. She said she had already read the Torah, the Tanakh, and the Koran and wanted to learn more about God.  She said she wanted to know more about the Kabbalah too, but the team member warned her that only the Word of God was true and profitable for her well being.  She said she had many faiths within her family tree, including one from the Muslim faith as well as a Hindu and a Christian. She then took her little child from the car and placed her coat and mitts on her.  She was asked to consider visiting the congregation since she lives just a few blocks away. She was genuinely thankful and left with a huge smile and a cheery thank you.

Although cold, this day was full of surprises and unexpected events and yet God is faithful and always looks after the sparrows that they are kept from harm. The teams were grateful for everyone’s prayers.


Tuesday January 2, 2024

Team two

A team of two women arrived at a shopping area,but saw there were very few people there. They then went to a busy area, where most of the people were Gentiles and French-speaking. Around 13 tracts for Gentiles were given out there. Then the team decided to go to a more English area, where there would also be Jewish shoppers. Once again, they saw very few shoppers. So finally, they went to a fourth area where the first team was also doing outreach.

Shortly after arriving, a member of the first team realized her car would not start. It was a rather cold day for being outside. Another team member who had just arrived was able to call for roadside assistance. As the second team went out, the first team stayed warm and prayed in the car.

At the last stop, the second team gave out 20 tracts on the blessing of Israel plus 12 cards of comfort promises. They gave 30 tracts for Christmas.

Praise God for five sets which were given, four in English and one in Russian.

In addition, the tow truck driver who boosted the battery for the other team member accepted a French Bible who received it with joy. We were able to talk to him about Jesus and how he can have a relationship with the Lord.. We showed him where he could listen to the radio program and on the internet

One set in English was giving to a couple in the parking lot.

Another set in Russian was given to a woman who was very upset with what is going on in Ukraine and Israel. We spoke about the differences between our biblical and not rabbinical Judaism.

Another set was given to an elderly woman.

A Jewish woman accepted a tract and began to walk toward her husband at the car. He yelled that she should take it and rip it up.

A grandmother with her grandchild also accepted a set, warning us many times to be careful when doing this.

Finally, a Jewish woman accepted a set for her daughter-in-law, along with other literature. She wished us well and thanked us for everything.