Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures


Friday, January 12th

9 gift sets, 16 Anti-Semitism pamphlets (13 English, 3 French) and 11 comfort cards for Israel were given out.

A team of two ladies were out at a local mall when they met a woman who received a set in English.  She was surprised and happy to get this gift.

Next, they met a French gentleman from Morocco as he stepped out from his car. He received the pamphlet and card from the team and being curious the wife came to ask what was going on here, but quickly changed her countenance when she saw the gift of the Tanakh and the Brit Chadashah. She asked if she could have two extra sets for her children and pressed them to make sure that the Brit Chadashah was included. The team took the opportunity to talk to them about the Messiah and sin, and how the rabbis speak of two Messiah in the scriptures. They shared that Scripture speaks of only one Messiah who will return to Jerusalem and bring His righteousness. The team warned the couple to stay within the Scriptures as that is where they would see only God’s Word. They also received the bookmark, pamphlets and card which were being offered. Please pray for this couple that they seek the Messiah and His truth. Three sets were given to this couple.

An English Brit Chadashah was given to a woman who first received the pamphlet on anti-Semitism. The woman was not impressed and told the team to go where the people were anti-Semitic.  The team responded that the Word was for all and that they go out to encourage the Jewish community. She asked who they were, and they replied that they were biblical and not rabbinical in their approach, believing in the Scriptures instead of in the words of man, citing for example the Talmud and the Zohar. She was enlightened when she heard the words “biblical Jew” (one team member is Jewish by birth) and as she was offered a bookmark and the Isaiah 53 leaflet, she told them she already had the Tanakh. Emboldened, they gave her the Brit Chadashah saying she could read about the first coming of the Messiah.  To their delight she accepted the book and went her way. The team praised God for how the situation turned from one of rejection to that of enlightenment.

One man they approached took the pamphlet only and as he began to walk away, they felt the Spirit’s leading to pursue him. They walked up to him again, asking if he belonged to the Jewish community. He confirmed that he was Jewish and he then received everything they offered him, including the set in English.  The team was thankful to have heard and obeyed the Spriit’s prompting.

A set was given to a man from Quebec City whose wife was Jewish. He was offered the pamphlets but when he was given the set, he said his wife was a Buddhist.  He said he could not see how she would receive the Scriptures, but the team replied that everything was possible with God. They spoke to him about Yeshua, the Messiah and that He was the Anointed One and they offered the set again saying to take it by faith and that faith is believing in the things you do not see but hope for. He smiled at them and accepted the set. The team asks for prayer for this couple as well and for their salvation.

At this point the team met with one of their sisters in the Lord and took a break inside the mall. While at a fast food restaurant, they overheard a grandmother and her grandson conversing about the events in Israel. The team joined them in their conversation and spoke about the time of Jacob’ trouble when things will get bad in Israel and the nations will come against Israel and its people. The team explained concerning the signing of the seven-year false peace covenant with Israel. Then the team offered them each a gift set and spoke about the Messiah in the Tanakh and that His name is Yeshua. The grandma queried “Jesus?” and they replied yes. They told them how He fulfilled all the prophesies of the Messiah but that many will come to believe in the false prophet. At this point the grandson left but when he returned, he took one set for himself.  He seemed to be in awe of what he had learned, and the grandma shared how God had rescued her out of a difficult situation in life.  A contact card was given to the young man, and they were invited to visit Beth Ariel.  As the two were leaving one of the team members said that if they read the Scriptures their life would change, and the young man replied that his life already had changed.  Please pray that they will make the effort to visit the congregation.

The team was very thankful that the Holy Spirit was so present with them that day and they thank Him for His faithfulness.