Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Friday, February 2nd


7 sets, 3 bibles (1 French, 1 English, and 1 Russian), 20 anti-Semitism pamphlets and 21 comfort cards were given.

A team of three were out at a local shopping mall when they came across a gentile woman. She received the pamphlet and an English bible as she did not have one. They had a chance to explain that in there, she would find prophesies regarding the coming Messiah as well as the fulfillment of those prophesies in the New Testament. They showed her the website where she could listen to the teachings as well as on the local Montreal radio stations. She was very thankful.

A set was given to an Israeli woman who was a teacher of the Torah. She accepted the complete set but when she saw the Brit Chadashah she hesitated. The team quickly explained that it was a very Jewish book, which examines the Messiah, the prophecies concerning His coming and their fulfillment. She agreed to take both and was thankful.

A French bible was given to a young woman who said she followed the Shabbat. The team told her about Yeshua being the Messiah and how He came to fulfil the law. They explained to her that man alone cannot fulfill the law as they are all sinners and therefore redemption had to come through Yeshua, the Messiah. She was invited to the congregation and was given the contact information.

A conversation with a man “D” who was an Israeli Jew wearing a kippa led the team to find out that he had already received the anti-Semitism pamphlet and a set. However, they talked further with him about the true Messiah and warned him about the many false prophets that would appear. They spoke of the imminent construction of the third Temple in Jerusalem. He was very surprised by this. He was also informed that in the Scriptures, one sees that it was very often only a minority of Jews who believed God’s promises. They spoke about the story of Elijah to highlight this point. They explained the difference between Judaic and Rabbinic Judaism. He was given the congregation contact card.

Later a man was seen entering the grocery store and he had dropped his bag. The team went to help him, and he received a gift set from them through this short interaction. He was indeed happy.

A French set was given to a Moroccan man who took the anti-Semitism pamphlet as well. He was visibly pleased to receive it but when he saw the New Testament, he did not want to take it.  However, when he heard that he could read about the fulfillment of the prophesies he accepted the set with a smile.

An English set was given to a young Jewish man who attended Concordia. They spoke to him about anti-Semitism and asked what he was seeing taking place at his school.  He was told about how the Tanakh speaks of the prophesies regarding the Messiah and he was given the bookmark and leaflet on Isaiah 53. Warming up to the team he showed them his tattoo stating he knew he was not supposed to have one because of the Torah but it read, “Loving our neighbours”. The team thanked him for sharing that with them and told him that God loves him and was calling out to him. He was given the contact card.

A set was also given to a woman who was struggling to walk as she had a bad knee.  They approached her to inquire if she was alright and confirming she was, the team mentioned that they had come to give her a blessing. She took the anti-Semitism pamphlet as well and was grateful.

They met up with a Jewish family who was out shopping. They stated that they were from Israel although the father seemed to have a Russian accent. The set was presented to the father and then one member of the family approached to see what it was, and looking at it, appeared touched, thanking them for the beautiful gift.

One team member had a good conversation with an Egyptian man about Jesus the Messiah Who proclaimed to be the way, the truth and the life and as the gentleman continued listening, she brought him to see the Jewish perspective of the Scriptures. The man exclaimed that he was surprised that some Jewish people believed in Yeshua. He took the business card and was shown the website and was pointed to the radio stations as well. He also took a gift set for a Jewish friend.

A Russian man from the Ukraine received a Russian bible.

God opened the door on this day and many gift sets were given and one even wanted to donate to their cause. Of course the team refused. They could see the love of God during their conversations and felt His arms wanting to reach the lost. They were thrilled and want to give Him all the praise.