When both of them got to a safer spot, the elderly man went on to explain that he lived through terrible times in England when Germany bombed his country. He explained that he was 10 years old at the time and he remembered how children were sent away to other countries.  “No child”, he said, “should go through that”.

January 27th, 2022  Montreal


It was a very cold, damp day which stayed that way, even past noon. Our team of 4 gave out 40 Antisemitism pamphlets and 2 gift sets.


The first set went to a gentleman who took the pamphlet and mentioned that it was Holocaust Remembrance Day.  The team member then offered him an Isaiah 53 flyer in French. Together they spoke of the Messiah and the tsadik (righteousness) which we all need to have and how this righteousness is mentioned in Habakkuk, that we live by this, in faith. He was very thankful for these gifts and all the more because he was able to read Hebrew.


A woman of 92 years called out to one of the team members that she had lost her car keys and they asked if they could help her. Unable to find the keys, the two members offered to drive her to her place to get the 2nd set and they had an opportunity to speak about Yeshua. She eventually took the pamphlet on Antisemitism but rejected the gift of the bibles, saying her daughter was very ill and her mind was only on that. She did, however, accept their prayer and the offer of any further help if she needed it. She said she would never forget the kindness shown to her. Let us pray that the contact information on the pamphlet burdens her to call us in her search for the Healer of all ailments.

Another team member had a long discussion with a man who they had previously met in August. On that first encounter in late summer, they had a nice conversation, but he would not accept the pamphlet offered because it spoke about Yeshua. In today’s discussion, he agreed that Yeshua was a tszadik and this brought on even more dialogue. One thing he could not accept was that the Son of God was divinity. He could not get past this point. He did say that he had listened to the Pastor’s talks on the website. Please pray for this man to seek his Messiah so that this truth would be embedded on his heart.

Another woman who was quickly going towards her car, received the set with great thanks and wanted to give a donation but we told her the set of bibles was free. She was very thankful.


Another elderly woman was approached, and she listened intently as the member explained through the pamphlet how she could find peace with the Messiah. She took the gift set in her hand, but it seemed that almost suddenly she lost her concentration and quickly returned the gift and left.  It is always a heartbreak when someone seems so close to accepting the Word in their hand and then the seed is snatched and the chance to see the truth at that moment, is lost. Please pray for this woman as well.

January 30th, 2022 


We were three people on this day and we handed out 67 pamphlets as well as seven sets and one Bible. We began at one shopping center and there gave out two sets to a father and son, as well as a French set to a man who was very grateful and touched by our sensitivity to the events of the Holocaust.  A French bible was given to an Iranian man.  As we were handing out more pamphlets, a woman approached us asking what we were doing. She told us that we were not allowed to be there unless we were going shopping or coming to the mall for some other reason. She said we needed a permit for this type of activity. Of course, we soon left and headed out to another shopping center close by.


There, we gave out two bible sets to a nurse who is taking care of a Holocaust survivor. She took one set for herself and the other for the woman she is taking care of. She was thankful and grateful although we didn’t have too much of a conversation with her.


Another set was given to a man who was with his daughter. He said, “Todah Rabbah” and was very thankful. We showed him the Isaiah 53 leaflet and asked him to take the time to read the entire chapter as it is one of the most descriptive prophecies concerning the Messiah.



A Jewish man in his late 80s, walking quite slowly with his walker, was offered an Antisemitism pamphlet. He refused the pamphlet.  The team member tried to help him cross the intersection (where cars pass by rather quickly), but he said, “No thank you”. Twenty minutes later, that  same gentleman came out of the store and slowly walked his way to that same busy crosswalk so the team member crossed over toward the gentleman and said, “I will walk with you and I will ask the drivers to stop so that you can cross safely.” When both of them got to a safer spot, the elderly man went on to explain that he lived through terrible times in England when Germany bombed his country. He explained that he was 10 years old at the time and he remembered how children were sent away to other countries.  “No child”, he said, “should go through that”.  The team member agreed and shared how he himself also lived through terrible wars as a child in his native country. The team member then went on to explain how all this evil started at the fall of man in the Garden of Eden.  He spoke to the elderly man about the animosity that was to exist between the Messiah, the messianic people and the adversary, Satan.


He told the elderly man about what the Hebrew prophets said concerning the Messiah but the elderly man said he didn’t believe this. He was shown where Isaiah spoke about the Mighty One, the El Gibbor who was also called the Son. When the elderly man asked the team member if he spoke Hebrew, the team member replied with a lovely recitation, in Hebrew, of the first verse of the Shema, from Deuteronomy 6:24. Impressed and touched by what he heard, the elderly man took a pamphlet on Isaiah 53 and one on Antisemitism. He said he would read it. The team member asked him to pray that, while reading the Scriptures, God would reveal to him who the Messiah is.


February 1st, 2022


On this first day of the second month of 2022, one team of two people went out. In total 38 pamphlets were given plus three sets and one Brit Chadashah.


One set was given to a woman who was very thankful and grateful to receive it. She asked if she could give a donation and we told her it was a gift.


Another set was given to a young woman who herself had some knowledge of the Scriptures and the prophets, but she was not, after all, that familiar once we engaged in conversation with her. We told her that Messiah had already come. We gave her the Isaiah 53 leaflet and said that since she reads Hebrew, she would be able to better appreciate these passages. We spoke about Leviticus 17:11 and the required blood atonement as well as the fact that there isn’t a temple these days where to direct any sacrifices. We showed her the prophecies of Daniel and the fact that according to chapter 9, Messiah had to be cut off before the second temple would be destroyed.  


A French Brit Chadashah was given to a man who said he already had the Tanakh at home. We gave him an Isaiah 53 leaflet on the suffering Messiah. We encouraged him to read both Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53. He was a very kind and humble man, and he was thankful too, telling us that our mission was somehow sanctified.


We then went to another shopping center and gave a set to a couple who said that all religions are OK. We explained that there is only one God and that is how God described Himself; that He alone is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We brought up Daniel chapter 12 and spoke about our eternal future which is based on the choice we make here and now.  The woman somehow agreed, and she received the set. We encouraged her to read Isaiah 53, explaining that it is because of sins that Messiah suffered, pointing to His righteousness which then makes us righteous.  We encouraged her to listen to the radio teachings of Beth Ariel since she doesn’t have Internet.


We want to thank all who pray for the teams as they go out. Your prayers help make their feet strong and their spirit courageous. Please keep them before the throne as this ministry does face opposition.