What a remarkable and record-breaking day it was! Between our three teams, we gave out 26 sets of Scriptures, three Brit Chadeshahs, two Tanakhs, and even a set to a Muslim man!


Wednesday, December 1


Two teams of two went to commercial areas. This is the first team’s report:


Praise God that six sets were given out, 43 Hanukkah pamphlets, 7 French anti-Semitism pamphlets, and 20 small Hanukkah gift bags.


A man took two sets, including a set for someone else. We spoke about Isaiah 53 with him and other important points.


We encouraged an Israeli woman who took a set and other literature from us to read Isaiah 53, saying only the Messiah could provide forgiveness and atone for us.


A caregiver took a set for a Jewish employer, too.


Even though it was cold, God warmed our hearts. We were honored and grateful to be able to give out His Word.



The second team’s report:


We gave out three full sets of Scriptures, three Brit Chadeshahs, two Tanakhs, an English Bible, 38 Hanukkah pamphlets, and 22 small gift bags.


We spoke for a while to a woman raised in Reform Judaism. She did not have the Scriptures and took a Tanakh plus other materials.


A man said he had never read the Brit Chadeshah before and was hesitant to take one. We explained it was a good Jewish reference book to read about the Messiah and the Second Temple period. One member said she wished she had been shown more of the prophecies from the bookmark when she studied in synagogue. With a twinkle in his eyes and a big grin on his face, he said we had made our point and so he chose to take one home to read, along with the bookmark and Hanukkah pamphlet. He already had a Tanakh.


A Gentile man wanted a Bible for himself and also took a Hanukkah pamphlet for his Jewish employer.


An elderly French speaking woman took a set after shopping with her daughter. Another lady who was shopping with her daughter also took a set, but in English.


One woman preferred to just take the Brit Chadeshah since it weighed less.


Most people were really in a festive mood and were friendly toward us.



Sunday, December 5


What a remarkable and record-breaking day it was! Between our three teams, we gave out 26 sets of Scriptures, three Brit Chadeshahs, two Tanakhs, and even a set to a Muslim man! Here are the details from the first team:


We gave three sets, including a Hebrew only full bible, a Tanakh, a Brit Chadashah, 11 Hanukkah pamphlets, two anti-Semitism pamphlets, and 20 small Hanukkah gift bags. We had many interesting conversations.


Just as soon as we arrived, a set was given to someone with whom we spoke for a while.


One couple had a mixed reaction. The husband was not interested in receiving a set, but his wife was, because she likes to read. They listened as we spoke about the new covenant in Jeremiah 31 being fulfilled through the Messiah who comes twice. They were also told that they could check the Brit Chadeshah for the fulfillment of Tanakh prophecies. They accepted a set and a bookmark.


We spoke around 20 minutes with two Jewish men who were in the same family. We talked about the sacrificial system being based on blood. We shared from Daniel and Isaiah. One of the men took a leaflet on Isaiah 53 and a Tanakh.


An elderly man happily received an only Hebrew full bible, along with a bookmark. He was concerned he would have to give a donation, but we told him they were free. We spoke of current events in Israel.


A French set and a bookmark were given to another man, speaking about the fact that only a remnant has followed God throughout history.


A couple who already had a Tanakh refused our offer of a Brit Chadeshah and walked away. Then they came back and took one, along with a bookmark.



Here is the report from the second team who gave out three full sets and a dozen Hanukkah pamphlets and small gifts.


As soon as we arrived, a set was given to a woman who immediately took the bag with the books and said it was sweet of us to be giving them out.


Then we needed to drive to where we store our bibles, in order to replenish the sets for our third team, whose supply was already running out.  We took many boxes with us, and then joined them at the shopping area where they were.


An older woman then received a set from us. She was surprised to see we were giving out such nice presents and was happy to have them.


A Muslim man saw us give out a set and came over to ask us for one of his own, requesting that it have Hebrew in it. We gave him an English/Hebrew set, exceptionally.


A man in a hurry saw we had a gift bag and smiled at us. He wished us a happy Hanukkah as he walked past, and we replied with “Chag Sameach!” When he heard we had a gift for him, he accepted a full set with thanks and rushed off to his car with it.




The third team writes:


We gave out 20 sets of Scriptures, including two Russian sets and a French one. We were absolutely astounded to see people accepting the sets in such a record numbers. While it was the eve of the last night of Hanukkah, and that could have been a reason for their openness, we do know how it is always the Lord who opens hands and hearts. We gave out seven sets in just the first 20 minutes, so the other team came to our rescue with more boxes of sets from our stock. We probably gave out a total of 40 Hanukkah pamphlets and small gifts, but we were so busy handing out Bibles, we couldn’t keep count of them all.


When two sisters got out of a van, we offered them a set. With eyes as big as saucers, one of them exclaimed that just two days before, she had been asked by her teacher at school to purchase a Tanakh. In the end, they took two sets. We pointed out how personal God is, how He keeps His covenant promises, and how He provided just what they needed when they needed it. They couldn’t get over it all and were just so happy.


One man said he’d already read the Brit Chadeshah and the Koran. He said he wanted to know why Christians and Muslims wanted to kill Jewish people. One of us who was talking to him said she had the same questions as a Jewish teen. He actually began by pointing out that the first followers of Messiah were Jewish, which we affirmed. We said that some who came into the church had a wrong understanding about the Jewish people and pushed them out of the congregation. We spoke quite a while, then he eagerly took a Brit Chadeshah and prophecy bookmark to bring home, since he already had a Tanakh.


An elderly French speaking couple, after taking a set, praised the efforts to hand out the Scriptures. The husband was Israeli.


A Russian speaking couple as well as a woman with her daughter were overjoyed to have sets in Russian. It was great to have had them on hand. Their faces just lit up when we showed them the Scriptures in the language of their heart.


Thank you ever so much for holding us up in prayer!





Tuesday, November 30 


We had a super day, with +9C; such ideal weather conditions for conversations. We distributed two full sets, about four Hanukkah handouts, many gospel tracts, and a few NTs.


At the first door, we met with a middle-aged Jewish man. He was literally waiting for us with a big smile. When we greeted him with “Happy Hanukkah”, he welcomed us with open arms! He asked where we were from and if we were Jewish. He listened to us explain that we both had Jewish ancestry. He then said that Jews and Gentiles should get along instead of fighting, to which we agreed. We went through nine Tanakh prophecies dealing with the first coming of Messiah. We also introduced Ezekiel 18:32 “repent and live” that he recalled reading recently. We then spoke of the necessity to repent and recognize the Jewish Messiah for divine protection! He accepted the full set, the Hanukkah handout, and hugged us when we left. This was the most thorough 20-minute conversation we have ever had in Calgary so far. We couldn’t believe this awesome encounter that the Lord had allowed us to be a part of!


The next person who opened her door was a Jewish lady who had Christian family members who regularly discussed the NT with her. She was curious to listen to nine Messianic prophecies found in the Tanakh. After going through the prophecies, we didn’t want to mention “Jesus” by name so that she could work that out for herself. She never mentioned Yeshua by name either but smiled back at us. We wanted her to realize that it was the Jewish prophets who spoke of Yeshua and not we Gentile Christians. She thanked us for our Hanukkah visit, and we left.


At the next door we met a nice middle aged Jewish couple who accepted all we offered: the Hanukkah handout, the Messianic bookmark, and a set of Scriptures. We couldn’t have a conversation because the dog was barking too loudly.


We encountered two Jewish ladies walking in the street who recognized one of our team members who had given them a set of Scriptures last summer. They were happy to receive the Hanukkah handout.


At first, a Jewish man accepted our Hanukkah handout, but when we pointed to the Beth Ariel web address, he returned it, saying it didn’t interest him. His Hindu neighbor sitting in his garage was happy to accept a gospel tract and a New Testament.


We proceeded to a grocery store to distribute Hanukkah leaflets but encountered only Gentiles. Many gospel tracts and a few NTs were distributed.


Friday, December 3


It was fruitful day for distribution. We gave out about 20 Hanukkah pamphlets and two full sets, but we couldn’t have meaningful conversations since it was a chilly -6C. At the first area, we distributed about 15 Hanukkah handouts to ten Jewish passers-by and five Gentiles who wanted to give the pamphlet to their Jewish friends.


One Jewish man was happy that we were coming out for Hanukkah in order to greet our Jewish neighbours. He took the full set of Scriptures.


A young timid Jewish lady accepted our Hanukkah leaflet and the Scriptures on CD but refused the Tanakh and the Brit Chadashah saying she already had many books.


Elsewhere a couple of Russian speaking Jewish elderly ladies and a Ukrainian speaking lady accepted our Hanukkah pamphlets. We only found out that the Ukrainian lady was Gentile after she had already taken our pamphlet. 


About 15 Gentiles accepted gospel tracts and a few NTs were distributed. Again because of the chilly temperatures people wouldn’t stop and talk with us.


We then returned to a residential area to knock on seven doors. One Jewish man married to a Chinese lady was happy to receive the Scriptures and all that we had to offer, saying, “Our son is old enough, it’s about time for him to read the Scriptures.” The Chinese mom happily agreed and thanked us for the gifts.


Another Jewish man accepted the Hanukkah pamphlet and the CD of Scriptures. He was grateful that we had passed by for Hanukkah. He asked us to visit his Jewish neighbor, a lady who was happy to accept the Hanukkah leaflet and a CD. They both had received full sets from us back in 2017.


One last Jewish home accepted the Hanukkah pamphlet and CD of Scriptures. We encountered more Jewish people than on Tuesday, but the conversations were very brief. Praise the Lord for the opened doors. Only very few people refused our offers.


Monday, December 6


Following Montreal team’s record-breaking distribution of Scriptures the day before, we in Calgary decided to follow their approach for Hanukkah and got excellent results. Against all odds we picked less opened homes from the past and got better results than any other days for Hannukkah this year. We gave four full sets of Scriptures!


It was -7C and sunny so it was relatively comfortable, but cold enough that we didn’t have opportunities to share much with our Jewish neighbours.


We last visited this one particular area in 2017-18. Three Jewish families have since moved out and two were absent.


The ladies’ team found three new Jewish homes, where two of them accepted a full set. One young Jewish man in his 30’s gladly accepted a set and the Hanukkah pamphlet.


A young Jewish lady was very happy to receive the set and Hanukkah handout.


A little elderly Jewish lady was surprised by our visit but gladly accepted all our Hanukkah gifts.


Only one lady was very upset and declined our gifts, saying “Can’t you see the Mezuzah on our door?” We responded that it was a gift of Hebrew Scriptures. She closed the door on us.


One Jewish man happily took our Hanukkah pamphlet but when we offered the gift of Scriptures he refused, and even returned the Hanukkah pamphlet.


At another door, one Russian lady said, “[I speak]No English or Hebrew”. She had responded the exact same way back in 2017. So, we’re going to return and offer her a Russian set when we get one.

One Roman Catholic Ukrainian man shared about John 3:3 with us and accepted a gospel tract.



Many thanks to all those who prayed for the Hanukkah outreach effort, it really made a difference. God bless you all for supporting us. Now let us pray the recipients of our gifts take to heart the message of repentance and new life in Messiah Yeshua. Shalom!