Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Walk and Talk

December 9th, 2022

15 gift sets were given and several Christmas and Hanukah pamphlets as well.

The team of two ladies were out on a sunny, cool day at a local mall.  One man was approached and was offered the gift set, but he said he had already received one. He then recognized the other team member who had given him the set. He was talkative and happy as he received the Hanukkah pamphlet and requested a second set for a friend.  He was very appreciative for that second set and encouraged the team to keep up the good work. He said they were doing a “good business”.  He also shared that he was a Holocaust survivor. The team asked if they could pray for him, but he was not so comfortable with that. He then got into his car and left.

One Catholic woman was approached, and she received prayer as she had a medical concern.  She was touched by the prayer and took the anti-Semitism pamphlet.

Then an elderly man was approached but the team member was at first unsure if he was Jewish since he was dressed like a lumberjack or farmer and had an unkempt beard.  She offered him the Christmas pamphlet and taking it in his hands he said he could see it had Hebrew writing but asked what Jesus was doing in there.   Realizing he was Jewish after all, she immediately said,  “Oh then I have a gift for you”. Looking at both books he said he would love to have the set. While he was thanking the woman for the set, the team member was moved by the man’s thankfulness, and she felt compelled to ask if she could give him a hug!  Laughing, he consented and then stepped into his car with the set.  Later the other team member also met him and greeting him she offered a set.  Laughing again he said that her partner had just given him a set but asked for a second gift to give to his wife. They then discussed the Messiah and how only He could make things right by His righteousness to which he agreed.  Please pray that this gentle man who appeared to be very happy would receive the true gift of joy, the Messiah.


The team then met a beautiful Russian Jewish lady, a grandmother who was out with her son. The team member recognized that they were speaking Russian and began to speak to them in their language. They said that they were from Ukraine, had lived in Israel and were now living in Montreal. They were offered the set in Russian. The team member understood that she had been led by the Holy Spirit earlier to prepare themselves with a Russian/ Hebrew set.  They were so thankful upon seeing the sets and rejoiced that they had them in their language.

They also met a man who appeared to be of Irish decent and after accepting the Christmas pamphlet he asked about the gift bag.  Informing him that it was for the Jewish people, he asked if he could take one for his Jewish girlfriend.  Furthering their conversation, he said that his girlfriend was a grandmother with 8 grandchildren and so he was given 8 small gift bags with candles and a dreidel for them.

Another Christian lady was offered and received the Christmas pamphlet and told the team that her sister-in-law was Jewish and asked if she could she have a set for her.  She was very surprised to receive such a beautiful gift that she would soon honor her sister-in-law with.

As the team was wrapping up the day, they met a well-dressed Jewish woman getting into her car who was offered the set, but she wanted to know what organization they were from.  Politely she refused but her demeanor was one of rejection. However, she did ask for a pamphlet and commented that the contact address was on Monkland Avenue.  Within half an hour a security car arrived and so the team decided it was time to leave.

The team wants to thank all those who keep them up in prayer and for God’s faithfulness in supplying them with such beautiful encounters and conversations.