Upon hearing us speak of the Messiah, one mentioned that we were not yet worthy for Him to come. We expressed our gratitude that we could never be worthy. We confirmed the biblical truth that it is not by keeping Shabbat that we could coerce God to send Messiah.

Montreal – Sunday, August 1

Two teams went out that day. Here is the first report:

As soon as we got to the entrance of the grocery store, we encountered three couples who accepted anti-Semitism pamphlets. 

Soon after, we spent a few minutes in conversation with a lady regarding the Messiah to come and asked her if she would be able to recognize Him. She answered, “No, but we are a very religious family.” We said that peace would come through the Messiah and that God is our salvation. We asked if she had the Tanakh, she said yes and that her husband and children read it. She received an anti-Semitism pamphlet and a bookmark.

Another conversation took place with a Muslim man, about the idea that there is only one God for all the nations. We shared that we were part of a Jewish messianic congregation, and that Yeshua is divine. He didn’t see it that way. We told him that only God could reveal the truth to him. We offered him a Bible, but he declined. However, he accepted the anti-Semitism pamphlet.

A woman was asked if she was aware of rising Anti-Semitism. Her response was, “I’m not Jewish, but my husband is. He is a journalist, so he will be interested to read the anti-Semitism pamphlet.” We asked if they had read the Hebrew Scriptures, and she said no. Nonetheless, she received the anti-Semitism pamphlet.  

A short conversation with a Jewish man took place concerning rising anti-Semitism. We asked if he was reading the Tanakh, but he said no. We offered him one but he declined. He was asked if peace could come by man alone and he said “yes.” We replied that only God can bring real peace through the Messiah, that God alone can give us salvation. We also gave him our testimony of how God revealed our sins to us. We included the fact that on our own, there is nothing we can do to obtain forgiveness of sins. It comes only through the Messiah.