Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Wednesday August 16th

12 pamphlets and 1 English Bible were given out.

A team of two women were out and approached a woman from Italy. They spoke to her about Jesus and about the fact that works cannot save but that only His sacrifice and atonement were cleansing for her sins. They shared the gospel with her and gave her a tract to read further about how to be saved. The woman was touched to tears and invited them to her place of business for a further talk.

They also met up with a man who was a believer in Jesus and he stated that he had been invited to give his testimony at a Jewish congregation.  They gave him the Beth Ariel contact card so that he could listen to the teachings and share with others. There were many religious people out that day who were not interested in receiving the pamphlets or delving into conversation. The team was thankful there was no opposition, and they were grateful for the conversations they did have.

Thursday August 17th

4 gift sets and 2 Tanakh were given.

A team of two ladies did outreach in a residential neighborhood. They chose a small street that was well represented by the Jewish community (lots of mezuzahs on the doorposts). Although some people did not answer their door at midday, they had several conversations.

One Tanakh was given to a woman, but she refused the Brit Chadashah.

A woman at the next door was going to accept a set but her eldest son came and said, “No thank you”.

The woman who lived upstairs in this same duplex answered and received a set with a pamphlet and bookmark.

Next, a Jewish woman from Hungary with 5 children spoke with the team at her door. She and her husband own a store and are well off financially. They spoke for over half an hour and the woman praised God for her fortune. Refusing the set at first due to pressure from another religious group giving her a false translation, she decided to take the set as she could see that it was authentic, and the team was sincere. They explained they attended a Messianic congregation and gave her the contact information. The woman was so touched by the encouragement to read the Scriptures and allowed the team to pray for her and agreed to have a second visit at a later date and encouraged them to keep up the good work.

The team came to one door where a man exclaimed that he received a set from them before and they had a nice exchange with him.

A father came to the door with his daughter and received the Tanakh and finally, a young lady received the set and at another door, a young man and his friend received the gift set with a big “thank you!”

With many gifts being offered and a positive outcome the team looks forward to their next outing. They thank everyone for praying and praise the Lord for the wonderful response.