Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Montreal, Quebec

Friday, March 29th

5 sets, (2 French, 1 Hebrew and 2 English)

14 anti-Semitism pamphlets and 16 comfort cards were given

A team of two were out at a local shopping mall when they gave out one set in French to a young man who had just come from France.  He was very grateful and later as the team passed by the car, they saw that he and his wife were looking at the set.

One set in English and one set in Hebrew were given next. The father received the Hebrew set and the team explained how they could recognize the Messiah through reading the scriptures. They were very thankful.

An elderly man received a comfort card and the Antisemitism pamphlet. He did not want to take the gift set and blessed the team with these kind words, “There are not many like you”. The team was touched by his statement and hopes that he finds comfort from the card.

One set was given to a man from Casablanca who was wearing a kippa. When he heard about the Brit Chadashah, he initially declined the book. However, after the team took time to explain who Yeshua, the Messiah really was, he chose to take the Brit Chadashah. They explained that the biblical Yeshua was not the same as the one found in many churches today.  They spoke of how persecution of the Jewish people stemmed from a spiritual hatred. He was also told how the true Messiah would return and rule in Jerusalem. The gentleman was also given a contact card with website information on Beth Ariel Congregation, so that he could look up further articles and studies. He wanted to give a donation but when they refused this, he shook both their hands and asked why the team was giving out the gifts. They said they wanted to bring the Word of God to the Jewish nation!

An Antisemitism pamphlet was given to a man who told them that he was a city counsellor and that he was involved with an organization that dealt with the persecution of Christians and Jews. He gave them his business card so the team did likewise and invited him to attend a Shabbat service which he said he might.

Another set in French was given to a Jewish woman who when shown the Brit Chadashah asked if it was the New Testament and they confirmed it was. They told her about the connection between the prophesies in the Old Testament and the Jewish Messiah being fulfilled in the New Testament. They spoke of replacement theology and that it would never happen and encouraged her to read Isaiah 53 to learn of the redemptive power of the Messiah. They encouraged her to put her faith in Him. She then said she was anxious and the team asked if they could pray for her. She responded by asking them to pray for her family as well.  She was very thankful and received the comfort card.

The team approached 3 or 4 religious people during the outing and offered them comfort cards but they declined. However, one comfort card was offered to a religious Jewish woman. Right away she asked them if they were from Jews for Jesus.  Replying no, one of the team replied that she was a Messianic Jew. The woman countered, “Are you Jewish?” and the member told her yes. Then the woman said, “This is not for us”, and the member responded, “but I am Jewish”. Again, the woman responded, “This is not for us”. The member then said she believed that Yeshua was the Messiah, trying to explain who He is, but finally the woman walked away, addressing them with some very hurtful words.

The team exclaimed upon finishing the outing that they were thankful for God’s faithfulness and that He alone is mighty to save.

Monday, April 1st

3 sets, 1 Tanakh, 1 Brit Chadashah and 1 Bible were given.

(Door to Door Evening Report)

A team of two were out on a beautiful evening. As the team arrived at the first house a man was preparing to get into his car and they quickly approached him. A set was given to him in English and he also received the Passover pamphlet and a comfort card. He thanked them as he left in his car.

An English set was given to a man who was having dinner with his family. They quickly gave him the set and pamphlet and he then thanked them as he returned to his family inside.

Next, the team had a touching moment when a young boy answered the door with his sisters beside him. The team said they had a gift for his parents but this young boy, wearing a kippah, was filled with several questions as he asked what they wanted and what was this gift.  They told the boy that it was a Tanakh and he exclaimed “the Hebrew Scriptures?” and seemed very excited. He told the team his mother was not available, so he went to his father who did not want to come to the door. The boy asked if he could take the gift to his father but the team had to decline because of this young boy’s age. He was very disappointed but the team wished him a Chag Sameah and left. The team was touched by this boy’s exuberance towards the Scriptures.

A young, religious woman holding a child received the entire set plus the Passover pamphlet. However, the husband, wearing a kippa, came to the door and looking at the Tanakh said that it was okay because they had everything they needed and gave the set back. The team was then able to have a conversation with him about Yeshua being the Messiah and spoke of his righteousness, being identified as the Messiah and that only He could make man tsadik. They referenced Isaiah 53. The husband said that their organization did not believe that to which they asked on what evidence he based his reply, but he seemed not to be able to answer. They told him it was important to know the prophesies of the Messiah written about in the Tanakh and that many false messiahs would come before the construction of the 3rd Temple to which he agreed. They mentioned other future prophesies that would take place and warned him that there would come a time when a lot of persecution against Israel would rise along with a great tribulation. He was given a pamphlet and contact card where he could listen to the Messianic teachings.

A Tanakh was given to a woman who seemed very suspicious and so they did not offer her the Brit Chadashah. She was hesitant but received the Tanakh anyway.

They then spoke with a French man from Morocco. He had a Tanakh but took the Brit Chadashah and the team explained that this book spoke of the Messiah and the fulfillment of the prophesies. He asked them if they were Messianic to which one of the team members said she was. He asked if they support Israel and as they did, they told him that they belonged to a congregation where both Jewish and non-Jewish worship the one God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They gave him a bookmark and an Isaiah 53 pamphlet and again spoke of the Messiah and righteousness through Him.

At the last door of the evening, the team had a special encounter.  A caregiver opened the door to them and invited them to go in and speak with the owner, an elderly man from Casablanca. He received the set in French and they were able to speak with him for a while.  He had been a teacher and as he read Hebrew, they spoke to him regarding the Messiah and how only He could make one clean. They told him that life was like a vapour and compared that to living in eternity. They told him that it was impossible to be reconciled to God because sin separated man from God. They spoke about salvation and eternal life and that Yeshua, the Messiah would one day give man new bodies where there was no more sickness or pain but that, only after man accepts Him, Yeshua as the Messiah and Saviour.  One of the team members gave her testimony of how by His grace, she was saved after accepting Him, Yeshua, as her Saviour.  He was asked then if he wanted to receive Yeshua as his Saviour and he agreed!  Before praying, he asked his caregiver to get his kippa and putting it on his head, he said the redemptive prayer of salvation with them. It was a precious moment and one of the members gave him a hug. They asked if their teacher and pastor, who was also from Morocco could call him and perhaps make a visit. He gave his phone number then and he was given the contact card. They told him that they would bring him a radio so he could listen to the messages and while they prepared to leave the home, they offered a bible to the caregiver in English which she took.

During their walk that evening, not many people were home, but of those who did answer, great conversations, and even a prayer was made!

Please continue to pray for the salvation of those who received the Scriptures.


We are excited that Calgary Alberta has started doing outreach again this year.

We have several reports from them to bring us all up to date.

April 2, 2024

This evening’s outing had a slow start. The three first respondents took only the Passover pamphlets. All respondents thanked us for our support in these difficult times, even a man declining all we offered saying he was “good”.

Three full sets were accepted tonight, along with some comfort cards and six Passover pamphlets. One lady was so interested by our opened discussion about Yeshua as the rejected Is. 53 Messiah Ben Joseph. We were able to share concerning the significance of blood atonement for sins according to Lev. 17:11. She enthusiastically accepted the book we offered, “Isaiah 53 Explained” written by a Messianic Jewish author.

Another man who was visibly saddened by the recent events in Israel accepted a comfort card and all we offered. He was very happy that we came out in support of Israel, and listened closely to what we shared about Yeshua being the rejected Servant of Is. 53. He heartfully accepted the Book “Isaiah 53 Explained”.

All Jewish respondents (8 in all) listened to us sharing on Yeshua as the “Son of Man” and the “Jewish Messiah”. We are thankful for all who supported us in prayer, and for the privilege to act as ambassadors for Messiah.

Shalom to all.

April 1, 2024

We visited 9 and revisited 5 homes today, 14 in all.

We saw a lady driving off in her car, but we weren’t going to let her leave like that. So, we caught up to her. She stopped with a concerned look on her face.  She pulled down her window to listen. The moment we expressed our support for Israel in this war against Hamas, her concerned look changed to smiles. She even took the time to listen to all we had to share with her on the Jewish Messiah Yeshua. She thanked us and received all we offered her. This included a full set, a Passover leaflet, a comfort card, a bookmark and an Is 53 leaflet.

At the next home a young man received the Passover leaflet and a comfort card. He had family in Israel. We shared about Jesus the Jewish Messiah. He claimed to have an in-depth knowledge of the Gospel and even had a Brit Chadashah and Tanakh in his house. He thanked us for coming by.

The next three respondents all received the full sets of Scriptures, a comfort card and the Passover leaflets. They all listened to us sharing on Yeshua the Messiah and thanked us for the conversation.

One man was very interested in Yeshua. He accepted the publication “Isaiah 53 explained”.

The team is grateful for the prayer support received. Remarkably no one declined listening to us or receiving our gifts. Praise the Lord that they all heard the message of Yeshua the Jewish the Messiah and they respectfully thanked us for sharing this with them.

Thanks to all for the support received in prayer,

March 18, 2024

We had quite a blessed day. The Lord opened 9 Jewish doors for us, only 5 were absent and 3 had moved out. In all, seven full sets were accepted. We place a messianic prophecy bookmark in each Tanakh as well as give them an Isiah 53 leaflet.

One house was empty and an outside worker accepted a gentile tract. Five tracts were received, and three New Testaments were accepted by those passing by. Eight Purim pamphlets and 2 comfort cards were received. No respondents refused our offers and we had conversations with everyone who opened their doors. We invited all who answered to come and visit us at Bethany Chapel. They thanked us for the invitation.

One Jewish young man of about 18 years of age listened to us and said that his parents were in the house so that we could talk with him. We had a brief conversation he took all we offered him and thanked us.

A Jewish professor that did public conferences on the topic of Antisemitism gave one of us his business card. We’ll coordinate with our leadership, in order to invite him over to Bethany Chapel. He was very happy with what we were doing and thanked us for it.

Another man was home with Covid. He accepted all we offered and thanked us for our visit.

We had a good conversation with a young man that took all we offered him.

Another man was having his meal when we arrived. We kept the conversation short, he accepted all we offered and thanked us.

A lady accepted the Brit Chadashah and the Purim pamphlet. She already had the Tanakh. She thanked us for our visit.

At one home the owners were out and a friend keeping the house was there to greet us. She was happy to receive all we offered in order to pass it on to the owners when they would be back.

A discreet man listened to all we had to share with him. He accepted all we offered and thanked us for our visit.

The Calgary team thanks all of you for your prayer support.

March 16, 2024

This week we took 3 days of outings in anticipation of Purim.

On the first day (March 12th) only Purim pamphlets and one comfort card was accepted by a lady who had family in Israel. However, many gentiles were highly curious and interested in our work and 3 gentile New Testaments and a Gospel of John tract was given out. 5 Gospel tracts were given to passers-by.

On our 2nd day (March 14th) we went out at supper time to have more opened doors, 2 full sets were accepted, 3 Purim pamphlets and 2 comfort cards were received. We had good conversations with the 3 Jewish ladies present at home. One was very touched by the work we were doing and stepped out to shake our hands and thank us.

March 15th, 2024

The weather was warmer so we decided to go out to an open mall where there is a Kosher foods section at Safeway. We also briefly visited the Glenmore Landing Park. We had 2 excellent encounters for such a brief time at the mall. First, we met a Rimouski QC born man waiting for his Israeli wife at the Safeway. He was very happy to receive the full set of Hebrew – English Scriptures and the Purim pamphlets for his wife and 2 kids. The 2nd encounter was the best encounter we’ve ever had. A young couple in their twenties was so happy to listen concerning Yeshua the Jewish Messiah. We read from Romans 3:1-2: Then what advantage has the Jew? Or what is the benefit of circumcision? [2] Great in every respect. First of all, that they were entrusted with the oracles of God ... They agreed with us that Paul wasn’t at all an antisemite being himself a Jewish Rabbi! In our exchange about Yeshua, we discussed the Jewish authors’ claims in the Brit Chaddesha about Him in John 1:1-3,14 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. [2] He was in the beginning with God. [3] All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. [14] And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. At this point Ps. 2 was cited about the Son. They were fascinated when we shared Yeshua put an end to animal sacrifices in 70 AD, by satisfying once for all God’s wrath by His death (being cut off) and resurrection, like the Branch of Zech 3 & 6 sprouting from the ground. They handed us their iPhone so that we’d give them our phone number for further discussions on Yeshua … Praise the Lord for answering our prayers!

March 14th 2024

We made it out to revisit the Tuesday absentees. We were able to reach 3 persons out of the 11 doors visited.

2 full sets were accepted.

3 Purim pamphlets and 2 comfort cards were received.

Good conversations with each one who opened the door.

Yeshua the Messiah was shared with 2 persons.

All were happy to see us and thanked us for passing by.

March 12

We knocked on 21 doors, only 3 persons were home and 3 owners had moved out. Two Purim pamphlets were accepted, one by a gentile friend. One comfort card was received. That lady came out to shake hands with us. We had a nice conversation. She has family back in Israel.

3 Gentile New Testaments and one Gospel of John were received.

5 Gospel tracts were accepted by passers-by.

Because of the recent events in Israel, we were very cautious and respectful approaching people. This proved to be very effective, giving good results. We haven’t had bad reactions when beginning our conversations. Many thanks for the prayers. We have had very surprisingly happy results so far.

Thank you for praying.