Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Thursday April 20, 2023

On a pleasant evening, two team members went to a Jewish neighborhood where two sets were given out.

No one answered the door when we rang at several homes, mostly with camera systems installed as doorbells. Often, we saw one or more cars in the driveways.

One gentleman flatly refused to take anything we had, although he wished us “good luck” just before the pizza delivery person arrived.

Behind a rather large synagogue, we met a man in his mid-thirties. L. was very open to speaking at length with us, acknowledging that he often forgot to think about the issues we brought up.

Being just days after Holocaust Remembrance Day, we first talked about anti-Semitism and when that sentiment would finally end. We all believe it will be when Messiah comes to reign on earth and not before. Jewish people sometimes believe education would solve the problem, but we mentioned that many educated people choose to be anti-Semitic.

As terror attacks continue in Israel, our message about rising anti-Semitism strikes a chord more and more, allowing us to discuss Yeshua.

We brought up the soon to come Tribulation times as being when the Day of the Lord passages from the Hebrew prophets would be fulfilled, a terrible time for the Jewish people. It’s a scriptural term we can use since they never hear the term Tribulation. We warned of the possibility of the Jewish people following a false Messiah who we believe may be the False Prophet of Revelation after the Temple is rebuilt.

He reluctantly took the Brit Chadashah after first being taken aback that it was the New Testament. As Jewish team members, we explained how Jewish the book really was so he said he would begin to read it. We encouraged him to start with Matthew at the beginning.

Over and over, he said we were doing a good thing to spend our time going door to door to give the Scriptures. We were very uplifted by the opportunity to speak to L. and we ask that you would pray with us for his salvation.

Later, we spoke to a Jewish woman in her 50s. She said the New Testament wasn’t kosher, so we explained how it actually was! Although we thought she would refuse, she ended up accepting it as well as the Tanakh. She liked the fact that she could listen to the teaching on the radio and check us out on social media when we offered her a business card with our contact information. Once again, we saw the hand of the Lord at work as we dared to approach the Jewish community at their doors.

It used to be, even 10-20 years ago, that when Jewish people found out that we as Jews had chosen to believe in Jesus, we were harshly and loudly criticized and insulted, being called traitors. Now it seems many have taken a more accepting approach, which allows us to answer their objections from the precious Word of God. A larger percentage of them are accepting the Brit Chadeshah as a Jewish book of Second Temple literature. Of course, we know that Gentiles will always have a very key role in Jewish people coming to Messiah. We cherish your faithful prayers for the ongoing work of the ministry.

Friday, April 21st, 2023

1 French gift set, 1 English Bible, 1 Brit Chadashah, 1 Tanakh, and 27 pamphlets were given.

Team #1

On a windy day a team of two ladies were out at a local area. They met a woman who received a Tanakh to give to her brother. Next, they approached two young men, one wearing a kippa. They received the Isaiah 53 leaflet and the bookmark with thanks.

A set was given to a woman who received it with joy. They spoke about the Messiah as they handed her the Isaiah 53 leaflet and told her how the Messiah as mentioned in the Tanakh could bear man’s sins and remove their iniquity.  They told her they believed that Yeshua, the Messiah had come and that He is the Messiah of Israel who will come back a second time to reign in Jerusalem.  Using the bookmark, they showed her that it states in Daniel 9:6 that He would be cut off. The team member mentioned that there was nothing they could do to approach God, but the Messiah made it possible. The Jewish woman agreed with them and was told that if she believed that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel and received Him as the atonement for her sins she would be saved. She was shown the website and contact information for Pastor J. Isaac Gabizon and replied that she recognized his name. The woman shared that her father had died two months before. His name was Yehoshua (Joshua) increasing her attraction to the Messiah.

The team stated that they were very blessed that day.

Team #2

6 English sets, 1 Russian set, 1 Brit Chadashah, 1 English Bible, and 45 pamphlets were given.

This team of two ladies had many conversations and listened to three accounts of escapes during the Holocaust.  They met a man in his 30s who had just arrived in Canada two months before. He told them how his Russian family was also affected by the Holocaust. He received a Russian/English set and the Isaiah 53 leaflet.

A Jewish lady was given the gift set for which she was very thankful. We spoke of the Holocaust and the coming Messiah.

A man who received the set spoke about the time of WWII when he was only five months old. His family fled Poland and arrived in Canada. He was very touched and kept hugging the team members.

A man who said he was Catholic and married to a Filipino woman mentioned that he had a very mixed family that included a Jewish cousin. He said he was brought up by his Jewish grandmother and spoke of the good times during Hanukkah and other celebrations. He received the anti-Semitism pamphlet and was invited to join us at the congregation. As the second team member joined in, he spoke of his faith journey which seemed to imply New Age doctrine.  He was encouraged to read the Word of God. We gave him the example of Jesus knocking at the door of his heart and for him to open this door to Him. He received an English Bible and a gift set for his Jewish cousin.

A woman who was a Holocaust survivor received a set. She confessed that she was led astray regarding her religion but after returning to her synagogue, she knew that HaShem wanted to have a relationship with her. She was thankful for the conversation and gift set.

An Orthodox man wearing tzitzit (religious fringes) received the Isaiah 53 leaflet with gratitude and thankfulness.

A Muslim man who received the anti-Semitism pamphlet was very interested in reading it and noted where to go online to the Beth Ariel website.

A woman who was engaged with the Jewish community took a set and the anti-Semitism tract. After some time of talking she was asked if she wanted to receive Jesus as her Saviour. She declined but said that the pamphlet and conversation had touched her.

A Jewish man was just getting into his car and took the anti-Semitism pamphlet. He blurted out that he was very upset at God and his rabbi because his father had passed away recently while he and his brother were not with him in the hospital. He said that he had died needlessly. He was a Holocaust survivor. He went to his rabbi who said he would send his concern to the rabbi in New York. Nothing became of it. As he recounted his story he was visibly shaking.

The member spoke gently to the man and said that HaShem had no part in the poor care of his father and suggested that he go to HaShem with his anger. She told him that HaShem loved him very much and wanted to have a relationship with him. He replied, “You can pray all you want but it is no good.” As he started the car, she said she would pray that he would receive healing from his wounded heart. He thanked her and left.

The team wants those that pray for these outings to know how the team members can sense the presence of the Holy Spirit while they are out. May prayer warriors continue in their prayers for them.