Join us for some interesting questions and answers we posed to one of our outreach team members.

Here are some questions we asked D*, who directs the Jewish outreach at Beth Ariel.


What is the drive behind you going out door to door and on the streets when you are by nature, a shy person?


The first time I was casually asked if I would like to go to distribute Bibles to the Jewish people, my heart was committed on the spot. I believe the desire was put there by the Lord. I was doing other types of evangelism at the time, such as street questionnaires to passersby, but Jewish evangelism at the door is much more confrontational and delicate. While I am quiet by nature, I see it like this, “Put your feet in the water and then the Lord will open up the Jordan.” I understand that it is not for everyone to participate in door-to-door outreach but each one should recognize the commandment to go out and share in whatever opportunities the Lord provides.  Perhaps that would include someone at work, a friend, a neighbor, or family members. The Word of God gives us knowledge of His nature and His plans for humanity. Reading through the Scriptures, the Lord puts the love for His people in our hearts and through that we can share their Messiah with them!


What was your best encounter with a Jew and what was the most difficult?


I find it most gratifying when I read in their eyes that, after conversing with them, they have understood something about their Messiah that they did not previously know. The most difficult part of this ministry is when they are closed to listening to God’s message. It is when the rabbinic teachings are at the forefront of their minds before we even say a word.  


What is the most frequent rebuttal or question you get from Jewish people and what is your answer back to them?


The most frequent question we get is: If the Messiah has already come, where is the world peace which was prophesied? I respond that the prophets mention that Messiah had to come first to reconcile us with God (through His sacrificial atonement) before His Kingdom of peace can be established. A second frequently asked question is: Are you Jehovah’s Witnesses? We answer by saying: We are believers in the Scriptures, the same ones that your people first received from God. These are the words that were given to us by the prophets.


What is the more typical Jewish response when you share with them that you care about anti-Semitism?


They are touched by our concern for the rising hate against God’s chosen people. They actually encourage us to continue the work we are doing!


What seems to be the greatest fear that the Jews express?


It is the current anti-Semitic trends that alarm them the most.


What are the most important passages that one should know before they witness to Jewish people?


We give the Messianic prophecies, starting with man’s fall in Gen. 3, going on to Deuteronomy 18, a prophet like unto Moses, and then we continue with those that stand out and point the way to the Messiah. These include Psalm 2 and 22, then Isaiah 7, 9, and 53. Other prophetic verses are in Daniel 12, Micah 5, and Zechariah 9 and 12. Of course, there are many more passages, but if we have a good grasp of these, we can systematically present the Messiah in His true form.



If you have any questions about Jewish evangelism, you may write us here at Beth Ariel and we will get back to you with some helpful answers.


Many blessings to all!