“People don’t want to listen today”, one Jewish gentleman told us in his driveway. We mentioned that both Hosea and Isaiah spoke of God lamenting that His people were perishing for lack of knowledge and their rejection of knowledge. (Hos. 4:6; Is. 5:13) We confidently walk from door to door knowing that we hold out the Word of Life (Phil. 2:16) to those who will perish without receiving atonement from the Saviour of Israel who is spoken of so clearly on the pages of the precious volumes we offer.

Knock and Talk – April 24, 2017

It was a beautiful evening when our two teams walked the streets where almost every home had a mezuzah on the doorpost. Our sister in the car kept us fortified with prayer and well-supplied with Scriptures. In all, nine homes received sets from our hands and one man took a Tanach.

The first team, who gave out three sets had this to report:

“There was a lady who opened the door even though the family was just going to have dinner. But when she realized the reason we had come, she listened carefully, seemingly surprised by what we said about prophecies and the Brit Chadashah. She did accept the gift.

The next person was a gentleman in his fifties, who was working on his car in the garage, so we had a good conversation outside. We mentioned prophets and the Messiah, and prophecies fulfilled in the Brit Chadashah. When he accepted the set, we asked him to read specifically Isaiah 53, Ps. 22 and Jer.31:31.

The third person to accept the gift was a young mother who was just getting her small children ready for a bath, but nevertheless took a little time to listen… and accepted the set.”

The second team gave out six sets and one Tanach. Here is their report:

“We noticed the emotional state of some who accepted sets from us. One man was very sad or dealing with some great hardship. Although he said he was busy, he still took one. Another woman had a hollow, searching look on her face and said she needed a blessing in her life when we said we wanted to bless her home with the Scriptures. We took time with her and suggested some passages she could read.

It was amazing to see how people were still willing to take the Brit Chadashah even when we plainly showed it was a New Testament. For some, it just seemed as a matter of fact to receive the books. Others refused, saying they had all they needed. One woman gave the Tanach back that her husband had accepted a few minutes earlier.

We spoke at length about history and prophecy with one young woman who was babysitting, although she accepted a set for the home owners. Just as we were leaving, the home owner arrived, and we spoke quite a while. Even though he lamented how people don’t want to listen today, he did most of the talking. We pray he thinks about what we said and looks at the prophecies.

A splendid evening with great opportunities to bless yet more Jewish homes to the glory of God. To Him be all the praise!
A note from the Calgary team
As we were driving on our way to the Woodlands subdivision, we got caught in a sudden hail – thunderstorm and had to cancel the outreach. Noah’s evangelism outreach was also cancelled due to hail and thunderstorms and whatever else fell on the earth for 40 days and nights. We pray that no other storms would keep us off the streets that long!
The outreach team in Buffalo, NY has also postponed their sortie last week and is hoping to get back on the streets very soon. We will keep you posted!
Thank you for continuing to pray with us as we reach the unsaved with the News that is both True and Good.