The Murmur of the Drones… the Breaking of the Silence


The Religious Coalition

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now back in power with a comfortable majority in the Knesset. Few expected him to come back. This is a political resurrection. What helped him gain such a great majority is the far-right religious parties. They say that Israel will, after this election, have its most religious coalition government and for the first time in Israel’s history, the Knesset will be made up primarily of religious parties. This is significant concerning the end time prophecies.

One of these Israeli parties is led by Itamar Ben-Gvir. He calls himself Messianic, not that he believes in Yeshua, but he believes that the Jewish messiah is coming soon. Many religious Jews believe and count on a redeemer coming soon to Israel.

And so, Ben-Gvir said that one of the foremost things he will do is make sure that there cannot be any no-go-zones for Jews in Israel and one of those zones is the Temple Mount. We remember that since Israel took control over the area from Jordan in 1967, Jews were allowed to visit but they have not been free to pray at this site. For years now, Ben Gvir and his party have been advocating for a change in this policy. This past July, he led 2200 Jews to the Temple Mount to pray in defiance of this policy. And now that he is in power, he intends to change this so Jews will be able to pray there.

This will surely anger the Moslem authorities in Jerusalem and will trigger many riots, and some say even wars. However, Ben-Gvir’s move may be a first step toward the building of the third Temple on the Temple Mount as this is one of his desires as well.

We know that the Temple needs to be in place for the prophecies of the end times to be fulfilled, especially those of the last 31/2 years. The day you hear that the Third Temple is in preparation for construction, and it may very well begin in our time, then look up, for He is soon coming.


The Murmur of Iranian Drones

At the same time, we see other events following a set direction as the Bible predicted. We see this war in Europe between Russia and Ukraine, but now guess who is helping Russia? Iran is and this is not surprising since both these countries are partners in Ezekiel 38-39. Wreckage from drones that have been shot down in Ukraine have been analyzed and recognized as Iranian made.  They say that they even spotted Iranian soldiers in Ukraine who are helping the Russians with these drones.

The prophets tell us that at some point, perhaps after the war in Ukraine, Russia and Iran will turn their attention to Israel and begin this famous war of Gog and Magog.

In the meantime, both NATO, from where the forces of the antichrist may emerge including the antichrist himself, as well as Russia are staging nuclear strategic exercises and both are flexing their muscles in preparation to fight. And who else is also helping Russia? North Korea. This country may very well be part of who John calls the Kings of the Rising Sun in Revelation 9. They will be joining in the Battle of Armageddon.


Sadly, Nothing is New…yet

While the changing winds bring us into new directions, there is at the end, nothing really new under the sun. These movements were predicted thousands of years ago and it is very faith strengthening to see all these prophecies fit into their pre-designed place, piece by piece. And let us remember the great emphasis the Lord puts on prophecies as He encourages us in Isaiah 41 to use them to confront those who are false prophets, and to evangelize the truth. This time, more than ever, we must be using our Scriptures!