My Salvation Will Reach to the End of the Earth

In many ways, Purim has not yet ended, and much future anti-Semitism will arise from two other places we perhaps do not think about.

When Muslims took over the land of Israel from the Crusaders, they were more tolerant towards the Jewish people. Over 300 Jewish families had already moved to Israel. They were among the first settlers. It was also at that time that the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt by the Ottoman Empire under Suleiman (called the magnificent). The walls he rebuilt are these same walls that we see today around old Jerusalem.


Recent Anti-Semitism

As Jews began to look toward their land just after the Middle Ages, their hearts again began to yearn to return to Israel. It was also when a powerful wave of anti-Semitism began to grow in the same place where Nazi Germany was to arise. It was through one man named Martin Luther. Today, Luther is known as the father of the Protestant Reformation, but his dark side was not at all exposed by Christian history as we know it today. Many are still surprised to find out that this man triggered the modern wave of anti-Semitism.  Luther was not the first person to have such strong anti-Judaic feelings, but he has been described as being the first to spread these beliefs in Germany. (Daphne M. Olsen Luther and Hitler: December 2011)

What Luther wrote, Hitler then executed.  Luther wrote:

1 … burn their synagogues

2 … break into and destroy their houses

3 … take away their prayer books

4 … forbid their rabbis to teach

5 … abolish their escort and ban travel

6 … prohibit the usury

7 … force young Jewish girls and boys to work

Hitler did all that. That is another irony where Christian history greatly resembles Egyptian history. Both groups eliminated the dark side of their hero by only presenting their good side.


Anti-Semitism in Churches

The reason why this is important for us to know, as believers in Yeshua, is because anti-Semitism has been and is now growing in churches today. Support for Israel is dwindling at a very fast pace, and dislike for what is Jewish is also growing today, especially among young Christians. This movement is the precursor of the formation of the world religious system described in Revelation 17, which will be utterly anti-Semitic.

Support for Israel is also dwindling in another very unlikely place – from   within the Jewish population in the Diaspora. A survey done in 2021 found out that only 32% of North American Jews believe God gave Israel to the Jewish people. The remaining 68% are against the state of Israel. That is the other tragedy. When God said through Zechariah 12:3 that all the nations will gather against Jerusalem, it also means against nation of Israel herself.


Yeshua Will Rule in Israel

But I don’t want to end this great and powerful feast of Purim with this, for in the end, Israel will stand tall. Four times toward the end of the Book of Isaiah we read that when Israel is saved, it will become as a light to the nations (42:6; 49:6; 51:4; 60:3). In Isaiah 49:6 the Lord added, “so that My salvation may reach to the end of the earth” which is when Purim will be fulfilled. The word for “My salvation” is Yeshuati, from the name of Yeshua who will then rule the earth.