In French, the word for scale is “balance”. Our responsibility as believers is to balance our Christian walk to such a degree that the scale tips in favor of righteousness. The glory of God is a weighty matter indeed (that is actually a root meaning for the word glory (Hebrew= Kavod = weighty or awesome)… and our balancing actions must be dedicated to the spiritual disciplines, such as praying, reading and meditating on the Word so that we gain more of God’s presence in our lives. Perhaps this would be one of the few times we look to actually gain weight… the weight of God’s glory in us.
January 16, 2017 Montreal Outreach Report: 
It was a beautiful evening with mild weather as we went door to door for the first time in 2017. We made up one team of three, plus another sister who joined us in her car for prayer. We realized at the last minute we didn’t have any English New Testaments with us however we were able to get some from our pastor’s home just around the corner. Behind in our usual time schedule, we still gave out all the English sets we had – six! The very first four homes of the night accepted them which was a real encouragement to start us off!

At the first door a man in his 70’s accepted the set and right next-door a young woman in her 20s as well. At the third door another set was given to a young woman who had a young child in her arms. She was thankful and happy to have the gift. At the next house a man happily took a set. The following homes on that street had either no mezuzahs, or no one was at home. We also had 2 refusals.

We then began a new street where a young man gladly took a set close to the end of our scheduled time. One set was left. Just as two of the team members were giving this young man the set, the third team member spotted an elderly woman outside in a housecoat across the street. Walking in slippers only, she was rolling her garbage bin down her angled, icy driveway. The lone team member said she had a gift for her, so she stopped and waited for the two other members to come with the set. After she took the set, the team quickly accepted to take her recycling bin back to the house and help her walk back over the ice. Catching someone before they fall further into sin or bringing the Word in a timely fashion heaps rewards and reinforces a walk in a world that is replete with slippery slopes. May she see the Servant of the Lord desiring to lift her up.

When we got back together, the team member who had been praying told us what she saw from her car on the first street. A man whose wife had accepted a set came out to the porch to probably try to give it back. But we had already gone up the next driveway, completely out of his sight. He looked back and forth for a while, but it must have seemed like we had disappeared. So he went back in and kept the set!

It is an honour and a blessing to be able to offer God’s precious Word! We thank Him and praise Him! Thank you, too, for joining us in prayer as we bring the hope of the world to these neighborhoods. All the glory is His! 




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