The Book of Numbers can be described as many things, but not as a math book unless we continue to add up the blessings, multiply that by God’s grace, divide those blessings among the body of believers and subtract sin that limits our growth. Numbers is a big book, the biggest of the 5 Torah books, yet we will not let the number of words impress us. That is not the goal. The goal rather is to see how the Lord takes our personal growth to heart. As big as God is, for the heaven of heavens cannot contain Him, He will use the smallest of things to demonstrate His greatness. Only a handful of flour in a bowl and little oil in the jar amounted to endless provision for a widow and her son. Five barley loaves and two fish fed more than 15 thousand. Yes, small things count for God … we too are small, like sands of the sea, but to God, He has counted us worthy to die for. We praise our great God who counts on even the smallest things, like us, to demonstrate the majesty of His great glory… for we know the Lord is great!