As our Lord prophesied in the parables of the Kingdom, the beginnings of the history of the congregations of God, were difficult, filed with challenges. But this is good news, for these accounts tell us that if and when the Body of the Messiah is attacked, assaulted with different teachings and philosophies, it is because it is doing something good for is then worth being invested, it is then that we know, it is vibrant, dynamic and productive; this is a strange dichotomy but Galatians will remind us that the believer is really not part of this world, while here to bless it, to promote peace and all that is moral and good, God’s values are not popular, not accepted even aggressively rejected; but then again, it does not matter, for Galatians will tell us that we are strong, we are powerful for God’s Spirit who is in us and with us, protects His congregations.