The vision that we find in chapter 1 of Ezekiel is a facet of the glory of the Lord, something that we are about to discover, not only in chapter 1 but throughout this great book.

And these powerful revelations of the glory of God all happened at a time in history when we thought that God had gone away and abandoned His people and His creation. These revelations tell us that God is here, that He is still sovereign and in control of all things. If you ever thought that God is absent, or just not interested or deeply unaffected by the things of this earth, this book is for you. He is not only present but so active.

If you ever thought that you are suffering alone, if you ever felt lonely in the vastness of this universe, this book will bless your heart, because at the end of it, you will be overwhelmed by His presence and if you dig deeper, you will be inundated by His love for you.