The Book of Deuteronomy is a masterpiece for wherever one turns, there is something; a life application to be learnt or a word of warning or of comfort. Deuteronomy has, as its first Hebrew words ; ēlleh ha-dĕvārîm meaning “these are the words”, and so the Book became known as Devarim – which means, the Words. This title suits very well the content of this great Book because it is in here where the Words of God take so much prominence – as Moses constantly reminds the Jewish people to come back to the Word of God where they will find their origin, their purpose and the proper way to worship their Creator.

Historical references flow through this book and prophecies fill it, especially Messianic prophecies. Some of these prophecies are clearly stated, while others would be difficult, even impossible to comprehend, if we were to remove Yeshua from them. So let’s discover more of the Messiah and the history of the Jewish people in this fifth book of the Torah.