בוא Come

Exodus 10:1 – 13:16


Before we get into our text of Habakkuk for today, let’s briefly look at this week’s parasha, that is the portion of the Torah read in the synagogues around the world.

The parasha for this week will bring the Jewish people to such an important place in the Scriptures. The portion comprises close to 4 chapters, Exodus 10 -13. This is where, in chapter 12, for the first time Israel is called a nation and when the Jewish people would eventually be saved from oppression through the Passover lamb, a foreshadow of the Messiah to come.  This event is so significant that it is mentioned over 120 times throughout the Hebrew Scriptures and has been considered by the rabbis as prophetic, pointing to the future Messianic redemption that would come to Israel.

How timely that such a passage of the Bible is being read, a time when the nation is now at war and is being held in disdain by the world. It is our prayer that today many within the Jewish community, being exposed to the Word of God, would not only be blessed through this parasha but most importantly, they would perceive and see the Messiah through the redemptive power of the Passover Lamb.

We know and believe that it is in Him and through the Messiah Yeshua, that one can find salvation for their souls and eternal life with God. After all, why does the Lord wait and wait to act on this evil in this world? Precisely so that many, Jews and Gentiles, would come to see the truth about the Lamb of God. It is in times of turmoil when people seek God. We remember that throughout the Book of Revelation, which details those last difficult global wars to come, Yeshua is called the Lamb, 28 times, always ready to save.

The name of the parasha is a short word; Bo, which is Hebrew for Come, and these are the words which open chapter 10 of Exodus as God calls on Moses to come or go to Pharaoh. It is interesting that the Lord uses the word, like saying, “come to Pharoah”. This implies that God is already there in Pharoah’s courtyard. Similarly, when God said to Noah, “Bo”, or come into the ark, this too implies that God was already in the ark and waiting for Noah to enter.  The title Bo or come bids us as well to come and do the work that God has already assigned for us. He says come to Me and take on the role of the disciple because He has  prepared in advance the things for us to do. As Moses courageously went to Pharoah 10 times before the final Exodus, we too are called to proclaim what the Word of God has already told us would happen. May the Lord give us the same kind of courage He gave to Moses.