We won’t know what people, whether rich or poor, powerful or meek, are truly thinking until we knock.

Tuesday, 6th of August 2019
Knock and Talk report
First team’s report:
Many were not home or did not open their doors. Nevertheless, we still gave out four sets. One woman seemed quite happy to receive a set. However, we had very little conversation at the door. Another woman took a set, thanked us, and said it was a very nice gift! Two sets, one in French and another in English were then given to another young lady. When we first approached the door, we weren’t sure if the occupant was Jewish since the mezuzah’s glue was on the doorpost but the mezuzah itself was not there. When she opened the door, we excused ourselves and we said we thought she might be Jewish. “Are you?”, we asked. She answered with a timid, “Yes.” We said, “Ah good.“, which made her smile, too.  It seemed that she was suddenly happy knowing that we were pleased to find out that she was Jewish. It was very nice to witness this… her feeling good about her Jewishness! Thank you, Lord!
She was very open to receiving the Bible and said that her in-laws lived next door. They were French and would surely want a set, except that they were on vacation. We left a set for them. What a great gift is now waiting their return. Prayerfully, this might lead to an eternal vacation of rest for them.
Later, one of one of the team members wrote: Without sickness and stains anymore, each one of us will one day be pure of heart. Just as You are Love, we will be love and all this because of what You have done to save us from eternal death.
Ain’t that Amazing? Yes, it is!!!
Do we believe this? Yes, we do!!!
Aren’t You the Master of the Universe, our Creator and Awesome Father? YES, YOU ARE! May they all see, bow down to You and celebrate this liberation in Yeshua with us, very soon.
Second team’s report:
A total of three sets were given out by our team. At the first door, a woman in her 60’s took the set with joy. She asked why we were doing this, so we told her that the publishing company wants to bless peoples’ homes and hearts.
The second set was given to a French woman in her 70’s. At first, she told us that her friend had explained to her that the Lubavitch (an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish group) were the originators of the Bible. We quickly replied that this was not the case but that the Word of God including the prophecies were inspired through the Holy Spirit. They were given so that we might recognize the Messiah. We spoke about Isaiah 53 and placed a bookmark at that spot in her Bible. She was both joyful and thankful as we left. In fact, we think we were all flying high at that moment.
The third set was given to a man who was sitting on his porch. At first, he refused but at the very last moment, just as we were leaving, he asked us if we were Jehovah’s Witnesses. We replied “no.” He then reached his hand out for the set of Scriptures and took them.   At this point, we had only a Brit Chadasha (New Testament) with us. We explained to a woman who answered the door that it is very Jewish to believe in the Jewish Messiah. Even though she did not take the book she heard the Word. We were grateful to think that these seeds may have found a place in her heart.
Third team’s report:
There were many absentees this evening. A total of five people answered their doors. The first two Jewish women declined our offer. A third woman said she was only interested in the Isaiah 53 pamphlet but as soon as her daughter showed up at the door, she convinced her mom to return it. Another woman happily accepted the Isaiah 53 leaflet and listened as we explained that the Jewish Messiah had already come, before the Second Temple was destroyed, just as it is written in Daniel 9:26. She thanked us for sharing that with her!
The last respondent was a Jewish man from Morocco. He happily accepted the full set of Scriptures but only wanted to be listened to! He was an IDF veteran involved in two Israeli wars. After about 20 minutes of listening to his story, he confided in us that Israel was under divine judgment because of their disobedience. He thought that Jesus might be the Jewish Messiah, but he wasn’t sure! We were totally astonished that the Holy Spirit had already been working with this man through his many Christian friends. We then read the first five verses of the Isaiah 53 leaflet with him. Amazingly, he listened without interrupting as we emphasized, “He was pierced because of our transgressions”, agreeing with his own beliefs about Israel being under divine discipline! We told him that there was a Messianic Jewish Congregation here in Montreal and asked him if he would accept for Pastor Jacques Isaac Gabizon, a fellow Moroccan Jew, to call him and further discuss this topic with him. He gladly provided his name and phone number. Praise the Lord that in His grace we crossed paths with this Jewish man who already was partly convinced that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah! How many more might there be out there who take a similar stance? We won’t know until we knock.

Report from Calgary

July 26, 2019
We gave out our first set to a young couple with two small children. They listened to us speak about our purpose for distributing the Scriptures … that we work together with the Hebrew Society for the spreading of the Good News. We then discussed Isaiah 53 and we explained that according to the Word of God the Messiah would come twice; the first time as the suffering Messiah, and then He would return as the glorious Messiah, assuming the role of King.  Soon after, the wife beckoned her husband to stop the conversation, so he could come and begin bathing their newborn. So we left,  but were very pleased with the conversation.
At another home, a Jewish couple in their early 70’s listened and openly discussed the Bible and the Messiah. But all the while the wife was beckoning the man to come back to the kitchen to eat dinner. Man cannot be sustained by bread alone… May those words one day find themselves on their daily menu.
Report from July 19th
With the Calgary Stampede just having finished, we headed out on our own charge ahead.
We drove down one street, found what we were looking for, parked, prayed, and headed out of the car. No one was home at the first and fourth doors, and at the third door a middle-aged man said, “I am not religious. No thanks.”
When that second door opened, though, there were no human hands to close it. God was at work with us for the next half hour.
We introduced ourselves, explained the mandate (from the Publication Society) initiated during WW II to print and deliver Scriptures to Jewish people around the world. We asked if the young man was over 18 (he was), then jokingly we thanked God he was of age for us to talk. We offered our gift, he accepted it, and then we jumped into our purpose for being there. We began with Acts 13, discussed the roles of the judges and the kings in Israel, spoke of John the Baptist and his role, then headed onto Isaiah 53. We shared that Messiah was prophesized over 300 times in the Tanakh and that the Messiah had to come twice; first as the suffering Messiah and then a second time. We shared how the State of Israel was proof itself of a great prophetic fulfillment from our very day.
We read Proverbs 30:4 and then the conversation opened up. I asked him who God’s son was. This led us to Genesis 1, and we spoke about the significance of the plurality of the name Elohim (plural form of “God”). We explained how important it was to read the Scriptures from a literal point of view to determine their meaning.
When the young man responded by saying that “Elohim was a mere universal concept, and not personal, we referenced when Moses wanted to see Elohim and Elohim answered, “I will put you in the cleft of a rock and stand beside you and then walk in front of you.” The young man was not able to answer reply to that verse and we explained that this same aspect of God’s plurality is seen throughout Scripture.
As he then had to go take care of his crying cat, we encouraged him to go online at Ariel Ministries Canada and seek further information . He said he would, and he also accepted our offer of prayer, so we stood in a circle and prayed for Isaac.  He blessed us and we left.
The rain started soon after that, so we headed home.
Thank You, Lord, for opening doors and hearts.
Thank you for your prayers and commitment to this ministry.

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