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Over the course of this past summer, we have had several opportunities to go out door to door. All three groups (Montreal, Calgary, and Buffalo) have something to share. While we would love to be there for every conversation, only God is omniscient yet He gives us the privilege to be part of some of these great moments.

Here are some of the highlights from this summer’s activities:

The Montreal team has given out 47 Bibles since the last report on June 26th, 2017. What a bell-ringer of a month, unlike the alarm that got set off at a young couple’s home where we rang. One of the teams came to the house where the couple had not yet moved in, although the purchase was complete. The team saw that no one was home and just as they were leaving, the couple who would soon move in came by to check on why the alarm went off. This gave the team a wonderful opportunity to present them with the Word of God as a precious gift for their new home. They gladly accepted it. We pray for many alarms to go off that would alert men and women to the days ahead and their need for the blood of the Lamb. There were quite a few homes with tough opposition and refusals, people who were leery to receive anything, telling the teams that they already had “everything they need”. We pray they would instead see their spiritual poverty. Yet we cannot forget the young man in his 40’s who was touched to tears when offered the set, nor the Jewish woman who, when offered the set replied, “Yes, I’ve been wanting the book of the Apostles (assuming that was the name for the New Testament). 
We often consider women to have a greater attraction to spiritual matters but over this past summer the team witnessed how many of the men answering the door were willing recipients of the Bible sets. Another gentleman said that if he didn’t have to put his kids to bed, he would have invited the team in to speak more on the subject. One man said that he read the entire Tanach and that he was still not convinced about God and was truly excited to take the New Testament and said he will begin reading it. We also had the chance to give out 2 bibles in Farsi to two different homes.  Incredible blessings all around. 



Sixteen different homes were approached by the Calgary team over the months of June and July. The June 26th outreach was the most exciting one thus far. They were able to expound the Scriptures at least 15 to 20 minutes with the people’s full attention as they read through Isaiah 53 and portions of Daniel 9, pointing to Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah. These three households which they approached that evening, unbelievably, all came to agree with the team on that very conclusion – the reality of Jesus in the Scriptures. We also got them to commit to reading the Scriptures without commentaries or rabbinical interpretations, encouraging them to see it plainly through the study of the Word of God. We plead for prayer that the evil one doesn’t come to take away the seed that has been sown on our way! During the evening, we were so overwhelmed, that we found it necessary to pause to pray that we would not be proud but be kept humble in these overwhelming circumstances, and that we would be found worthy through Him to be ambassadors of “the Holy One of Israel”. The last couple of outreaches saw only refusals. Perhaps the overwhelming heat factor in the city contributed to that. We are waiting for the heat to pass and let things cool off so we can go out on the streets once again – very soon God willing.


The Buffalo team wrote this:

After a long pause in our door to door mission we were so greatly encouraged this particular evening when the first door swung open. This couple was so appreciative that we’d come to give them the OT & NT set that they insisted that we come in for some apple pie! The husband was a Vietnam vet who had been affected by agent orange and who hadn’t received any government help for eleven years. He can barely walk. He was very curious to know how we found them. We told them it was by the mezuzah on the door. They gladly accepted the set of Bibles and on our way out the wife whispered to me that the Bibles will be very good for her husband. They also invited us to come back to visit them, which we plan to do.

The next door was a woman who also very gladly accepted the set.

Following this, we met an elderly woman who is fluent in Hebrew. She explained that she already had the Tanach but happily accepted the New Testament!

Our hearts were filled with joy!! Please pray with us for their salvation and for the LORD to prepare them and us for our next visit as we plan to do follow up with some of these visits.



Let us all pray that God moves over the areas of all these outreaches and stirs the people’s hearts to question who the coming Messiah is and what His Word has for them.


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