Because of Covid, we have not been able to go directly to peoples’ homes. At Channukah we began to street campaign, giving out pamphlets and bibles to those passing by. The teams will station themselves in Jewish districts.

The following reports from Calgary and Montreal are part of a Passover blitz to reach Jews and non-Jews during this significant time of Passover. You will also find a report from Buffalo NY that took place several weeks ago. Please continue to pray for this outreach ministry.


Calgary, Alberta

Saturday March 27th

The Calgary team ventured out to witness in a park in a Jewish neighborhood. Saturday, March 27th they had a great response, with many people out and about in the nice weather. Two elderly Jewish couples took Bible sets and five all-English New Testaments were given to Gentiles. About 15-20 tracts more suited to Gentiles were given out, and the team’s whole supply of Passover tracts were received by Jewish passers-by.  Non-Jewish people were curious about the Passover celebration, opening the door to presenting them with the gospel.

Sunday March 28th

The next day, on Sunday, it was quite windy and so fewer people were out. Still, a Russian Jewish couple not only accepted the Bible set, but also asked the team for their phone numbers so they could at some point arrange to have a coffee together. They reside in Israel but were staying in Calgary due to the difficulty of international travel.

The team will be going out again on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week, so please pray that more good contacts could be made.



Montreal, Quebec

Monday, March 29th

Here in Montreal, a team braved the high winds on Monday. There was a number of people who were arriving at the Jewish General Hospital for the vaccine appointment.  One such man was a Muslim, who was waiting in his taxi.  He received the Passover pamphlet and the Evangelic de Jean from us and questioned us about Jesus being a prophet.  We told him that Jesus was much more than a prophet and that He was the only way to the Father.  When he did not understand we told him that only God can reveal the truth to him.  He motioned to his Koran and so we left this man in the Lord’s hands.

Next, we met a nurse who came outside for her break.  We approached her to ask if she celebrated Passover, but she said that she was Catholic.  We asked her if she knew where she would go when she died and she did not have an answer.  We encouraged her to read the Word and gave her the book of John, some literature and then explained how she could be saved through faith in Messiah Jesus. She was very thankful for the information.

Then we met a Jewish lady who received the set with complete joy!  We had a chance to speak to her about Yeshua fulfilling prophecies.  She was interested in our congregation, so we gave her directions and encouraged her to contact us. She was very thankful.

A couple came quickly to the hospital entrance but stopped to receive a set, thanked us and then was on their way.  Also, a Buddhist man quickly stopped to receive the Gospel of John and then quickly left.

Then another Jewish woman was leaving the hospital and we stopped her while she was waiting to be picked up by her driver.  She gratefully received the set and a Passover pamphlet.

At another place, a Jewish man asked about our gift. Happy and surprised that it was presented in such a nice way, he quietly accepted the gift with thanks.  Then an amazing thing happened.  A Jewish lady who had watched the interaction we just had with the Jewish man, left but returned.  We saw her interest and asked if she wanted a set.  She was delighted to receive it and said, “You don’t know what this means to me!” Tears came to her eyes.  We explained that the prophecies about the Messiah Yeshua of Israel were there for her to read.  She seemed to nod in agreement.  We showed her our contact information and she kept thanking us, saying it was wonderful what we were doing as we wished her a Chag Sameach (Happy Passover in Hebrew).

In all on Monday the team gave out 5 sets, 7 Passover pamphlets and 7 tracts to Gentiles.


 Tuesday morning March 30th

Another team in Montreal went out at noontime Tuesday and found some open hearts. Immediately upon arrival, a parking attendant came up the sidewalk and we asked him if he was observing Passover. He said yes in French, enough for a team member to notice he was from Morocco. It made for an instant connection. He was just so excited and visibly moved to receive both the Tanach and Brit Chadashah, saying he had none. It was such an encouragement for the team right at the start. Pray for D.

Before long, another Jewish man received a set in French. It seemed like the majority of those we met were French-speaking, which is unusual. The team walked up to a Jewish woman who was hobbling on her way to the ER because of kidney pain. Saying we’d pray for her; we gave her reading material for the inevitable wait ahead – a full set of Scriptures in English.

A Berber Muslim asked us for a French Bible. She had gone to Catholic school in France and then studied religion later. The team had quite a long conversation with her. She said she would check out our website.

On that beautiful and warm day, the team gave out 5 sets to Jewish people, all with Passover tracts. About six Gentiles also received tracts, and then there was the French Bible given to the Muslim woman.

Tuesday evening, March 30th

Then in the evening, there were two teams. It was a return to evangelism for one of the members who had been away for a while and was so glad to be back. For another, it was her first time out. She was grateful to be a part of the team and found it to be interesting.

One team went to a park at first, speaking to a Polish Catholic man who was interested in the literature that was given him. Another man said he was a Jewish believer and accepted a full set. He was so excited to agree with the team concerning the Messiahship of Yeshua. Please pray for G. who spoke about the difficult family issues at home with his wife and children.

After arriving at the hospital, the first team had a lengthy conversation with a man (an amputee) who was due to have surgery (another possible amputation) the following day.

The second team spoke to a young woman who received an English set and literature. Then they met a brother and sister who each received a whole set! A French set was given out to another Jewish woman and a young man took an all-English Bible.


Buffalo, NY

Our husband-and-wife team over in Buffalo have been busy again.

February 27th

We left about 340 door hangers at non-Jewish homes and gave out 4 full Hebrew Sets at Jewish homes. We trust God will still use this effort and His Word to accomplish salvation for many.  Blessings. 


Thank you for partnering with us for this outreach. We rely on your prayer support!