Israel looks like a country that is moving from being a fully democratic nation to one with a strong religious presence, advocating more and more of Talmudic law.  After all, this is what the majority in Israel voted for. However, this present government may be what is needed to prepare the nation for the building of the Third Temple as well as for the ushering in of the false prophet.

It is very possible that Israel is now being prepared for these last end times prophecies to be fulfilled.This false prophet will be powerful over this nation. We can consider him as the last false Jewish messiah who will lead Israel to accept the antichrist as we read in Revelation 13.

And so, last week, there was a huge rally of close to 200,000 people in Israel who showed support for the many reforms the new government is proposing. It was the biggest demonstration yet.

One of these reforms proposes to curb the Supreme Court of Israel and give the government control over the appointment of judges. We can only imagine what kind of judges this government will put in place, surely religious ones.

One of the reasons for establishing a Supreme Court in a country, is to ensure that each branch of government recognizes the limits of its own power. Clearly, the religious faction of Israel wants to have the last and only word, and again, it may turn out to be just like it was in the first century.

History is here repeating itself, the same generation is again emerging. In His warnings concerning the end times, Yeshua spoke of the rise of false messiahs even before speaking of those signs we see today, signs of rumors of wars, of nations rising against nation, of famines and earthquakes.

This was His first warning in Matthew 24 when the disciples asked Yeshua what would be the sign of His Coming. To their question He answered, See to it that no one misleads you for many will come in My name and say, I am the Messiah.

As concerns the false prophet, John describes him as having two horns like a lamb and once he rises, he will lead the people to the antichrist and the final 7-year tribulation period, predicted by Daniel, will begin. If then, this movement toward the judicial reform in Israel does not subside, we may very well be close to a major development in Israel ushering the last prophecies of His Coming.

I want to tell you, this piece of news is truly amazing, and so let’s keep our eyes on the nation of Israel which will be the centerpiece in end time prophecies.