“…we prayed and asked the Lord to guide us”

Guideposts are indicators of direction, providing information for travelers who might otherwise be lost. Our Lord reaches out to the lost through our obedience (we believers) to His guidance. Our Knock and Talk team go to “the lost sheep of Israel” (

Matthew 15:24), using guideposts to direct us. Some guideposts are quite large, like the high rise buildings in a neighborhood that help situate where we are. Others are small, little boxes on doors, according to Deuteronomy 6:9

: “You shall write them (the words of God) on the doorposts of your house and upon your gates.” Those boxes, or mezuzot (plural of mezuzah) guide the team to Jewish homes each week. Let’s follow where those guideposts led us this past Monday!

Again, we had a single team for Knock and Talk: Danielle, Sarah and me, Tina.

Sarah has accompanied us on three evenings now. Her enthusiasm for the work and the Word of God is beautiful. When we talk, she prays, as do many others when we go door to door. May the Lord bless you all for praying for the outreach every week.

This Monday, we were planning to go back to the last high rise building we visited the week before. However, for some strange reason, when we drove into this particular part of the city with many high-rises, apartment buildings and one-way streets, we were unable to find the building we’d visited. We also know that when God closes one door, He opens another, so we prayed and asked the Lord to guide us to another place. We passed one particularly beautiful building and wondered whether this was a condo complex or rental units, but agreed to go over there. We decided it was a guidepost for us.

As we started walking towards the front entrance, two young ladies came out of the elevator. One had a baby carriage and a small 6 year old boy. It was obvious that they were leaving, but they took their time in the lobby. The little boy was standing fairly close to the front door, and seeing us, took a few steps and opened the door for us. What a wonderful moment!

We went up to the 14th floor and started our way down from there. We knocked on the first door with a mezuzah, and a young lady opened her door. I told her that we had come with a gift to bless the Jewish people. Almost immediately she seemed interested, but told us that she was better in French and Hebrew as she was from Israel and had been in Montreal for three years now to study nursing. Danielle told her that we did have a copy in French and proceeded to tell her the Good News of the God of Israel. Danielle explained the Word of God, the promises of the Messiah through the prophets of God like Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah 53, and Psalm 22. She also mentioned that every human being had to be reconciled with God and used the example of the Temple sacrifices. God Himself, according to the New Covenant, provided a new perfect sacrifice for His people.

To me these words were so anointed as this lady carefully listened for quite a while. She accepted the set to study it, but said that she was also quite busy with her nursing studies. Danielle suggested she also find time to read God’s Word a little at a time. Such great moments to see someone listening very attentively to the saving knowledge of the Lord’s Word!

During the course of the evening, we noticed, as is usual, some people were not home, others did not answer, and some simply refused. On the 12th floor, we knocked on just one door. Even though nobody answered, we heard the TV, so there was probably someone at home. This often happens, and after a few knocks people usually do answer. But here, we knocked 4 times… no answer so we went on. On the 11th floor, a gentleman opened the door. We presented the precious gift meant to bless every Jewish home. He was polite and listened some more, but was not really interested. He told us that he was Hungarian, and that Scriptures in Hungarian would prove the best for him. In the end, he really didn’t even want a set, after offering to get him one in Hungarian. Our concern however is what kind of ground this seed had fallen onto… we pray not stony ground but that the seed of the Word would be implanted into a softened heart which would guide this gentleman to greater truth.

On the next floor we witnessed an unexpected blessing. A little while after knocking, we heard someone approaching the door. A woman’s voice asked what we were there for. I answered that we had the Tanakh in Hebrew and English as well as the Brit Hadashah for her. Her reply was, “I am not interested.” Then I said that this gift was meant to bless every Jewish home. When she heard this, she suddenly opened the door, and staying behind it, with just her face showing, told us that she was not properly dressed. She couldn’t open the door any further, which was no problem at all, since we already had begun the conversation.

She now listened more attentively to the fact that we had the Tanakh as well as the New Covenant, which was the fulfillment of many prophecies in God’s Word. It did not take long for her to accept the set with the words, “I can use it.” We felt blessed to be able to pass on the precious Word of the Lord to this lady. On several subsequent floors, there was no answer or no one was home. We noticed that in this building, several of the mezuzot were not found on the doorposts, but placed on the right upper corner of the door itself. It made no difference for us however. It was still a guide posted on a door. Then we knocked on a door on the 6th floor, and a very friendly elderly lady answered. She was Israeli and her French was better than her English. Danielle took over and told her the reason for our visit, and also told her that we pray for the peace of Jerusalem. When we said that we were expecting the Messiah, this lady agreed and responded, “Oui, chaque minute…!” (Yes, any minute!) Wow, that was a surprising remark to us, but she meant the first coming of the Messiah, of course.

Danielle was explaining the Good News a bit more, when suddenly the lady asked whether we had seen her friend on the 15th floor. Now we were puzzled, since there was no 15th floor! But then she corrected herself and said she lived on the 12th floor. That was the very door on which we had knocked 4 times with no answer. She wanted to give an English set to her friend, and receive a French set for herself! So we gave her a set for her friend, but did not have any French sets left. Danielle said that she would be happy to bring her a set next week, for which she was very glad. She gave us a hug, and then her name and telephone number, so Danielle could drop it by next week.

So this past Monday we gave out three sets and have one to deliver. God used His guideposts to lead us to that building and to each door where we went. All three of us were very blessed to see this evening turn out so well. May the Lord bless every receptive heart, as it is all for His glory and honor. Praise His holy Name!



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